Elite Answers Wrestling

    http://eawrestling.elementfx.com/ http://eawnetwork.forumotion.com/ EAW started off the new year by once again proving to be the number one promotion in all of sports entertainment with an impressive outing at King of Elite. For those who missed the event, here are the results of the show. -Scott Oasis defeated Zach Genesis to retain the Interwire […]



What is your Show Presentation preference? #FlashbackFedFriday   Recently updated !

Over the years you may have seen various types of formatting done for the shows. We have summary-based, novel-based, full on move by move style, Commentary included or not included, Script format, and so forth. To go with the #FlashbackFedFriday aspect though, of the above, has that changed from around the time you started in […]

USPW Opens it’s doors!   Recently updated !

Straight from the nations capital, Washington D.C,, the wrestling world welcomes the opening of a brand new promotion, United States Pro Wrestling (USPW). And is ready to begin signing talent. Co-Owned by Doug Bishop & Eddie Magnum the USPW is attempting to bring tradition back to promotions, the plan of the USPW is to give you a true feel of […]



Boardwalk Xtra week 55 and week 56 card

  This week is a special Boardwalk Xtra episode to kick off the iPPV, Crowning Achievement. Two titles are on the line during Xtra, so don’t waste any time and tune in.   Click here for Xtra: http://boardwalkwrestling.com/index.php/events/results/792-boardwalk-xtra-episode-055   week 56 card: http://boardwalkwrestling.com/index.php/events/xtra

What was your First EWrestling/Fantasy Wrestling Community? #FlashbackFedFriday   Recently updated !

Yep, that is right. The return of FlashbackFedFriday’s! This topic is spun off of Jesse Jamester’s post on a thread on the forums. There have been a TON of communities over the years. Some last, some fall, others merge. It just depends on the way the wind blows it would seem. What community did you […]



Boardwalk Xtra Week 54 results and week 55 card

    With Crowning Achievement right around the corner, who will gain the momentum needed for success in the iPPV? In this episode of Boardwalk Xtra, we have; Arsan Ayers taking on Dark Tiger in a Welcome to Boardwalk match, a triple threat match between Ed Houston, Shane Buffer and Cameron Sanders in a Casino […]

Boardwalk Wrestling Crowning Achievement iPPV Card

Monday, January 26th, 2014 Atlantic City Convention Center | Atlantic City, New Jersey ———————————————————————————————————— -TAG TEAM MATCH- The Suicidal Saints -vs- The Carrington Dynasty A big return during Live and a huge twist, and now Myke Adams & Mac Bane will be in action against Bradley Carrington and Jade Armstrong. The Suicidal Saints are back […]



Boardwalk Wrestling Live Episode 54 Results

The last edition of Live before the iPPV saw a welcome to Boardwalk match as JC Styles and Ty Lukas made their debuts in a triple threat against Andrew Barnes. With Danny B back he was always going to come face to face with the woman who injured him, Siobhan Townsend and on Live they […]

NBW Presents: SLAM 59 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Folks, we are just two weeks away from the first pay per view of 2015, Epocalypse. But first, SLAM59 is coming to you from the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and what a show we have in store! Everywhere you look tension is at a high, and general manager Jack Harmen has done his work. […]



Boardwalk Wrestling Xtra Episode 54 Card

      Thursday, January 22nd, 2014 Bally’s Hotel and Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey       -WELCOME TO BOARDWALK MATCH- Arsan Ayers -vs- Dark Tiger Ayers made his return to the ring last week and Dark Tiger makes his debut in Boardwalk Wrestling, a good match to open up the show. ———————————————————————————————————— […]