NBW Presents: Victory #003 – For the Universe!

Published by: Adria Hoyt Saskatoon, Canada – On a special Tuesday Night episode of VICTORY, we’ve got a massive big man match in The Big Wall facing former World Champion Warren Spade! We’ve also got Xiang Dynasty in tag action. And in our Main Event, the entire Universe is on […]

9/10 – Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Sunday Night Wrestling

Last week on MVW Sunday Night Wrestling, ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler defeated ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and SNAFU to win the Television title. With Butler’s win, all the MVW titles have been accounted for. ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann made it clear to the Sports Entertainment Corporation (Charlie Blackwell, P.M.C. Banks, ‘Extreme […]

NBW Presents: SLAM! #97 – Leveling the Playing Field

PUBLISHED BY: ADRIA HOYT Saskatoon, Canada – You can call him the best non-JAG in the world. You can call him an outright asshole. But one thing that everyone will agree on is that Jake Tockwell is the NBW World Heavyweight Champion. A fact that more than one person is against […]

NBW Presents: Victory #002 – Unraveling the Universe

Alberta, Canada – We’re back with our second episode of Victory! On SLAM, Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama laid out a challenge to The Great Wall for Victory, and if he accepts tonight we’ll have ourselves a Blitzkrieg Championship Main Event! Also as announced two weeks ago by Victory’s man in charge, […]

NBW Presents: SLAM! #96 – A Changing of the Guard

Alberta, Canada – Two weeks ago we saw the World Heavyweight Championship change hands as Jake Tockwell finally did what he set out to do, and that’s become the champion by defeating Warren Spade. The Main Event for Legacy, posters already drawn up, merchandise already ready for shipment… all ruined! […]

OSW: Death Wish

Old School Wrestling hit the air this past week with an amazing show in Death Wish. The Main Event saw four wrestlers fight for a single wish. Edward Newton’s destruction of Bruce Van Chan came to a head when they squared off for Showcase Championship. Could Bruce gain vengeance? And […]

NBW Presents: Debut episode of VICTORY.

Edmonton, Canada – Monday Night we kicked off the debut of our second show, Victory. A bit more bite-sized than our usual affair, but with all the wallop. I’m even on commentary now! As can be expected Victory rolled through the night leaving moments to remember, all the way until […]

NBW Presents: SLAM! #95 – What Just Happened?

Edmonton, Canada – SCORCHED is in our rear view mirror, as is the entire eastern world as we travel the great white north! Two months of Canadian delicacies and terrain. Where better to kick off than Edmonton, Canada at the Roger’s Place. A Brand new Arena where NBW has the […]

NBW Presents: Scorched II Live on PPV from Dubai!

PUBLISHED BY: ADRIA HOYT Dubai, UAE – The end of our eastern Summer tour is here. Live Dubai, NBW’s bringing you SCORCHED II!! With all the action you could want including the Keystone championship defended inside a Steel Cage, and both the Blitzkrieg and World Championship on the line in a […]

NBW Presents: SLAM!#94 – The Final Stop

Published by: Adria Hoyt Dubai, UAE – Our final SLAM before SCORCHED II. The stage has been set. We know who will be defending their championships and against who, however as they say… Card is Subject to Change! And word has it, that is EXACTLY what happened on SLAM. So […]