GDW: Development League Notes

Southeastern Women’s Wrestling Conference started its 50th edition of Showdown with a match between The Siren and one half of the tag team champions Jesse James. James managed to pick up the win only to get attacked by Siren’s faction of Revelations members after the match. Jesse James tag team partner, Stacy Singer, would meet a similar fate after defeating Siren’s tag team partner Caitlyn Perry in a street fight. This now leads into the development pay per view, Deadly Dreams, in which Singer and James, collectively known as Southern Girls, defend against Revelations. The brainwashed cult-like followers of the mad lunatic Leviticus are trying to regain the tag team titles.

Marie Jones defeated SWWC X Division Champion Caitlin O’Toole by disqualification when the champion blasted Jones in the head with the belt, getting herself intentionally disqualified. O’Toole has to defend her SWWC X Division Title at Deadly Dreams against Marie’s aunt, a former GDW Women’s Champion in her own right, Kayla Jones.

Allison Lorraine was recently kicked out of a group she once led, the faction known as Scorched Earth. Since then she has made it a point to defeat each one of them individually to prove to them that they made a mistake in kicking her out. Lorraine first defeated Caitlin O’Toole last week and this week she defeated Arcadia Chavez. Now Lorraine hopes to cap it all off with a victory over the new leader of the group Jennifer Alan at Deadly Dreams.

Jennifer Alan did not fare too well against the SWWC Atlantic Coast Champion Brittany Kayl. Kayl successfully defended her title against Jennifer Alan and now moves on to Deadly Dreams where she will defend her gold against Valentina Cordova in a ladder match. Cordova has had multiple opportunities at the title but each time she has failed to capture the belt. SWWC President Angelica Carter has told Cordova that this championship match between her and Kayl will be Cordova’s last if she cannot win the title.

In the main event of Showdown 50 the GDW Women’s Champion Faith De Luca and Kayla Jones fought to a time limit draw. The spectacular show of wrestling ability was ruined, though, when the number one contender to the women’s title Rachel McAlister ran down and assaulted both women. McAlister is currently set to challenge De Luca for the title at Deadly Dreams.


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