Kirby Quick

For those who may not be sure, who are you and what may they have known you from in eWrestling?
I have basically used the same wrestler, which is Dave Damented most people know from (all versions of it). More recently from mostly retired at the moment.

How did you first discover eWrestling?
Tell us that story. It was the summer of 96 I was at the library with a friend when he was talking about fantasy wrestling. And as I was a huge pro wrestling fan at the time so I was curious so he showed me the site and the gfed he was in. It was probably a day or two later I sign up and with having now clue what I was doing started on a path that has lasted for the better part 17 years.

What are some other notable, or not so notable, eFeds that you have been in over the years that you can think of?
With out a doubt that would be Deathcore wrestling which was run by a guy who I consider bar none the best owner ever Crisis. And a very close second would be Insane Championship Wrestling it was the #1 fed on gfedwrestling for a long time when gfed 3.0 launched Al Ritter was another one of those people who I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for. Those two are by far the ones I remember the most.

What are some other notable or not so notable characters you have handled, if any?
My main one has always been Dave Damented. I do have a second one that I used for along time mainly in ICW that was Duke Jordan

With your time in the hobby, have you ever brought in someone new? Maybe a friend, a cousin, a girlfriend even?
Not really most people including my wife thinks it’s a strange hobby. Mostly because my friends are not wrestling fans.

If you could hang out with anyone else you’ve met in the hobby who would it be and why?
Pretty much anyone from the aforementioned feds, as most of them are still my friends to this day.

In your time in eWrestling, who are some other of your favorite people that you have worked with?
There are to many to name and it wouldn’t do them justice if I forgot one

Are there any handlers that you have never had the chance to work with that you wish you could?
There are a few from my days in Gfed like Joka who is now in New Edge Wrestling Outer limits, just to name a couple.

How about handlers/characters that have rubbed you the wrong way? Anyone you just can’t stand?
I can honestly say that there is no-one who has rub me the wrong way to the point I cant stand them. I tend to get along with everyone.

What are some of your favorite angles or storylines that you have been involved with?
Is there anything you’ve done that you look back on and wonder why you did it in the first place? Nope not really

Are there any other eFeds or sites you keep up with, and if so what interest you about them?
Like I stated before I mainly on I feel LAL has a good thing going over there. And course Ewscene to Ben and his staff have done a awesome job as well. As far as efeds go I keep up with New Edge Wrestling Jesse and his bunch always put in the effort and also I have a dirty little secret I have a fan of vwrestling I just loving it.

Any regrets or accomplishments you never achieved in the hobby?
No regrets what so ever!

How much longer do you see yourself in or associated with the hobby?
I don’t think I will not be associated with the hobby. I may not roleplay anymore but I always around doing graphics or just helping with what ever a fed needs

How has eWrestling in general changed since you first started, and where do you see it going into the future?

It’s just like every thing else in the world it evolves and has its ups and downs right now. I feel it’s in a down period. I don’t think this hobby will not be around as long as there are people who love to write and have fun.

Have you ever considered running, or actually ran a fed in your time? Or have you always been just a handler?
I have thought about in the past but never really seem to do it.  But here recently I have been thinking about it alot. So I went ahead and started a fed.  Right now I am just getting the website up and running.

How is the transition from handler to fed head going?
Its been a learning process thats for sure .  I co-own a few feds in my time but never running one. I mostly just help with layouts and graphics. But I have enjoyed it so far and it doesn’t hurt to have friends who are fed heads to.

What caused you to decide to open a fed instead of help a currently open promotion?
I’ve always wanted to do fed hybrid fed when you have written results and a video show.  So I figure I would concentrate on the video aspect first get that up and running.  See if that takes off and go from there.

But couldn’t you do that by taking the idea to someone already running a fed?
Oh I could for sure but thats not my style I like to get out there and do it my way right or wrong and just learn from it.

Here’s your time to shill. What else is going on for you in eWrestling currently? Anything big coming up, or anything the readers should watch out for?
Not a whole lot is going on.  At the moment my full attention is getting Wrestlewars up and running.  Just keep a eye out for that.  Other then that I might roleplay again you never know.

Well, we’ve touched on a lot of topics today. Before we go, is there anything else you would like to say for the readers?
I just wanted to give Ben and his crew here at ewscene a shout out. They are a good group of people.  Also I would like to give a shout out to Vwrestling I have been watching them since I came to ewscene.  +

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