ASE: Gaggle of News Coming Out of The Wolfe’s Lair

The Wolfe’s Lair is full of piss and vinegar today following the revelation that ASE Owner & CEO Charlie Feigel will not be at the InS@NiTy 14 or InS@NiTy 15 events and President Justice Orton will be in charge of the big nights. Justice Orton has ordered all management team members to report to her to receive their orders going into these two critical shows before ASE presents its first iPPV of 2014 on February 2nd in Nova Scotia.

The rumor mill is in full force but, at the time of press we can assure you that Feigel will be watching the events, Justice is the President and Chief Operating Officer and he just feels that now is the time for her to prove herself more to the rest of the front office; her role has most been in recent weeks just watching from the back and playing an authority figure on-air and she wanted more to do. Justice is relishing the chance and she has made it clear that anyone who crosses her will answer to her swiftly and publicly.

Wolfe’s Lair Bomb Threats Investigation Concluded
The culprit of the recent bomb threats made to The Wolfe’s Lair has finally been caught, it appears a disgruntled development talent; Doyle Weathers who had been released days earlier was behind the false bomb scares. The CPD had pressed extensive charges and Weathers confessed and has agreed to plead guilty to Making Terrorist Threats which will have him incarcerated for several years and he will undergo psychological evaluation. The case is considered closed.

Boneyard Arson Person of Interest Name Withheld
A person of interest has been named in the investigation of the arson fire that destroyed The Boneyard in Las Vegas; the details at this point in time are still sketchy as the investigation is currently on-going and the LVFD have remained tight lipped about the POI because they do not want to have a name leaked until there are actual charges pending.


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