Why I Believe Mac Was Not Hacked

An interesting questions was brought up in an eWrestling Facebook group I am in today:

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I replied to the post with my thoughts on it and left it at that. After thinking about it for a little bit, I figured the subject would make for a good opinion piece here. Notice that, I said opinion. I feel it’s OK to talk about this, share what we think. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right? Heck, maybe you’ve thought the same thing? Who knows.

In short, I do not believe that EWC was hacked at all, and have not since a few days after it supposedly happened.

Before I begin, let me say this… I always liked Mac and enjoyed visiting EWC, especially during their King of the Cage tournament that was going on at the time. I still have no ill feelings of the guy, and really don’t have a reason to. The disappearance of EWC didn’t effect me in the slightest. But, I run an eWrestling site and it’s kind of my thing to form opinions about the happenings in our hobby and throw that from head to text for you.

For those of you who are not aware of the situation, here’s a quick breakdown.

  • “President Mac” ran an eFed that was named “Extreme Wrestling Corporation” that was at http://ewcprez.proboards.com.
  • The EWC has a long history behind it, was a thriving community, and well known in our circle.
  • President Mac decided to run an eWrestling tournament called “King of the Cage.”
  • King of the Cage had a LOT of people in it with the promise of a cash prize.
  • It was close to the end of King of the Cage when all of this happened.
  • A handler who went by “Maestro Punk” had just made a lot of waves in the hobby after being caught stealing roleplays. he was being universally blacklisted it seemed around the time.
  • Just a few weeks before President Mac had announced he was closing the EWC, finishing the King of the Cage tournament and walking away.
  • Days later President Mac said he wasn’t going to close the EWC because of popular demand.
  • One day, during the Maestro Punk fiasco, we were welcomed by a splash screen on the EWC forums saying it was hacked and Mac was working with ProBoards to restore it.
  • After that, Mac has 100% disappeared.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 9 Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 9

There we go, you’re caught up now. The images are to show the splash screen, and the last time the EWC Twitter was used (The same day it went up). So, here you go, in no particular order, the reason I think the EWC was not hacked by Maestro Punk, and that Mac closed it himself putting the blame on another guy.

You may also want to note, I don’t like Maestro either and he’s the only person to be perma banned by eWscene.


1. Just a few weeks prior he TRIED to walk away but there were a lot of people not wanting him to.

Maybe he felt bad so he decided to not close for the people, but was still stressed out and would feel bad if he just walked away. The stress kept building, and the end of his tourny drawing near, maybe he had enough? Maybe he thought by doing this he could take the break he really needed without people giving him slack about it?

2. Maybe he couldn’t pay the winner of the tournament that was for cash?

I don’t remember what the cash prize was for, but there was cash involved. Maybe Mac was going through some hard times and couldn’t pay the winner? How embarrassing would that be if he crowned a winner and coudn’t pay out? Maybe he couldn’t let people see him that way. Hell, maybe he planned this all along?

3. Maestro was on EVERYBODIES sh*tlist that week.

What better person to put the blame on but someone who was being universally banned by everyone? Of course he had the IP address of Maestro, he had access to the panel and could pull that information.

Maestro punk’s handler is also a 12 year old foreign kid. Legit 12. He also was NOT bright at all, I know I’ve had a few conversations with him. he was pretty stupid. The people he called friends, I had the unfortunate time of being in a FB chat with them. They were equally stupid if not worse. I do not believe he had the ability to “hack.”

4. Some things just don’t add up to me.

If you notice the splash screen, it says someone from that IP address tried to repeatedly hack the EWC forums and somehow successfully had blocked Mac. He was working with ProBoards to restore what they could and see what damage was done. Via his Twitter he lost his entire vault. First off, if you’re working with ProBoards to restore the site, that implies you’ve talked to them and they told you they can restore an old database back up or they can’t. Obviously they could IF what you’re saying was true.

So why didn’t they?

ALSO, if you had been locked out, how did you get back in? ProBoards helped right? This goes with the above of why didn’t they help you restore your database too, or tell you to tell your members everything is gone? Wouldn’t a hacker just have deleted the entire account? There’s this little proboards button in the account settings called “Delete Global Account.” A hacker would do that to prove his point, simple as that.

5. IF he was hacked, he would have at least popped something up on another host temporarily for those dedicated to his fed and tournament, not just disappear.

If your site or forums go down and you don’t want to lose members, what do you do while trying to restore your work? You set up a temporary home. He didn’t do that, or even announce his plans to do that. Obviously the forums were still alive, he could have kept them open with one board for people to talk while he fixed it.

Also, umm.. there was NO downtime between the fed being up and going and the maintenance splash screen going up. So you’re telling me Maestro was able to hack and delete the site with you discovering this, finding his IP, working with ProBoards, and going into this mode all in like a minute? Very unlikely.

Then everything stopped. No twitter updates, no site updates, nothing. Did Maestro punk also have him killed?


I mean if I analyzed it more I’m sure I could find more reasons to believe Mac wasn’t hacked, but the stuff above in my eyes tells the tale of a guy who wanted out, found his opportunity, and did his thing. I haven’t heard one bad word about the guy because of it either. Do people really still believe this 12 year old idiot was able to take down this thriving fed, in this day and age?

Aren’t hacked angles so 1999 anyways?

Mac, if you ever read this I hope ya come talk with me on The Shoot and either admit the truth or give us the reason you just up and disappeared. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m crazy. But having ran a resource site since 2007 I have seen many, many things. I’ve seen the hacked excuse so many times, it’s not even funny. You learn to see the signs of when it’s true, and when it’s not.

99.856754% of the time it is not true.

Maybe one day I should do a column on how to tell if a “hack angle” is going on or if a place was really hacked?

Hmm… Maybe…

For you other fed heads out there who have recently claimed to be hacked, or thinking of claiming it.. Just stop. For the love of God, you’re only setting yourself up to look like an idiot and anyone who believes you as well.

Whatever happened to just disappearing from the interweb only to return at a later date and say someone had died? Heck, get creative and tell us you started a nasty drug habit and had to go to rehab.

Just quit with the hacking excuses.


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