Why I Believe Mac Was Not Hacked

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  • Dan Herrera

    All seems a bit too pretty and convienent to me. I hadn’t realized no end winner had been decided in that tournament. But I guess that makes sense now as I’m sure I would have heard who won.

    • benhalkum

      I know there will be people who get upset at this, or think I should just let it go… But I waited this long to post it to give Mac a chance to come back and say “Yo, X happened IRL, sorry I’ve been gone” But this long and NO word?

      I have to say, I really think this is what happened.

  • Jackson

    Didn’t Maestro say his fed was hacked a day or two before EWC was “hacked” and move his forums off proboards with your help? I seem to recall seeing him talking about that on twitter. Seems odd that Punk would strike at EWC in the midst of his own issues.

    • benhalkum

      Not hacked, he just was going to use my hosting. I spent 2 hours getting it set up for him, doing more than usual for him not to use it at all.

      He was so annoying.

  • Corey Owen

    the convenient timing is convenient– but void of opinions on whether it was real or not (don’t really have an opinion there)– proboards security is severely overrated in these circles. or at least it used to be, they may have beefed it up considerably since then… but back in probably ’08-’09 we had a coup kind of like that in a proboards fed I was in. I had that shit righted within hours, without need for the staff despite the overthrowers’ best attempts, and I was no script whiz at that point in history.

    basically, I’m saying that I don’t think Maestro wouldn’t be hard-pressed for intelligence to fuck them up, but they wouldn’t be hard-pressed to get it back if he did. even if he did, it seems like an excuse.

  • benhalkum

    Someone told me the prize was $1,000.

    That would be a motivator more me to skip town as well.

    I may do a prize of a hundred or two, but never a thousand.

    • Flex Johnson

      I believe it was $100 Canadian, but I could be wrong. I was just in it for experience, not for the money.

  • madmanszalinski

    Hey, the drug habit/going to rehab thing was a shoot for Madman. I really did get hung up on pills and shit back when I was in EPW.

  • ST

    Didn’t Mac claim to have cancer in EWC’s first run, only for it to have disappeared? As well as being the top champion while he was running and fudging the results himself? And MIA multiple times?

    Is this a surprise to anyone?

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