Johnny Linge

For those who may not be sure, who are you and what may they have known you from in eWrestling?
I’m the handler of Johnny Ajax from 220, Sunrise and PacPro.

How did you first discover eWrestling? Tell us that story.
I read about it on some message boards back in… 2008, I think? I put a question out on Yahoo! Answers asking where I could sign up, I got a response from a guy named Richard Enraged, and I was in my first fed.

What are some other notable, or not so notable, eFeds that you have been in over the years that you can think of?
Before I signed up with 220, I was in feds that were based off of so I dont know how many I could name that a majority of people reading this would know.

What are some other notable or not so notable characters you have handled, if any?
Only other character I’ve ever handled is a rival for my friend. She was Stacy Marie, I played Lacey Tayler.

With your time in the hobby, have you ever brought in someone new? Maybe a friend, a cousin, a girlfriend even?
Nope, I’ve brought it up to a few people, but no one has ever joined.

If you could hang out with anyone else you’ve met in the hobby who would it be and why?
A couple of people I met in my old feds. Probably Adam Stryker (Dave), Ryan Kidd (Jay) and Jason Richards. They’ve been really great to me so far.

In your time in eWrestling, who are some other of your favorite people, that you have worked with?
A guy who mentored me in the days, RM Vrankovic, was always someone I loved working with. He taught me everything I know and we could always promo against each other and have a blast.

Are there any handlers that you have never had the chance to work with that you wish you could?
I’m still learning how a lot of people connected to eWscene work. One guy I have been impressed with so far though, is John Pariah. We’re in talks to have a match set up.

How about handlers/characters that have rubbed you the wrong way? Anyone you just can’t stand?
People who take this WAYYYYY too seriously. If you act like fedding is the only thing that matters, and get pissed off at something that happens in, or out of character, that doesnt attack you personally, I want nothing to do with you..

What are some of your favorite angles or storylines that you have been involved with?
There was the time I bought a private jet using the company’s money because I was feuding with the GM.

Is there anything you’ve done that you look back on and wonder why you did it in the first place?
Nope. It’s just a hobby for me. I do feds to have fun, if it’s no longer fun/ need to question why I do it. I’ll take a step back.

Are there any other eFeds or sites you keep up with, and if so what interest you about them?
I read E-fed Rankings every once in a while.

Any regrets or accomplishments you never achieved in the hobby?
Meh. That’s not what it’s about to me. I like to meet new people, both in and out of character. As long as we’re all having a good time, I’m happy.

How much longer do you see yourself in or associated with the hobby?
Well, I’ve got a child due in August, so we’ll see around then.

How has eWrestling in general changed since you first started, and where do you see it going into the future?
Honestly, not too much change has happened in my eyes when it comes down to the basics. Sure, the people have, and I hope that it keeps evolving into something bigger.

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