Focus on What Matters: An Opinion Piece

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  • benhalkum

    If it matters any, if I did fed reviews on new feds and chose IoW, it’d be a good one.

    • benhalkum

      Hmm.. I also seemed to completely skip over how the entire fed is also on the forums, so in theory it’s just a forum fed that happens to have a pretty front end as well.

  • Dave (E-Fed Rankings)

    Hold the phone. All IoW did was accentuate their positives. How is that a crime? Graphics just happened to be one of 5 key reasons why they are an e-fed to definitely check out. Aren’t graphics and presentation the first thing anyone sees? Maybe that’s why graphics were listed first, not necessarily as a listing of importance.

    Also, look at 2 through 5. Comprehensive Results, Regular Updates/Interaction, Website Depth, and Healthy Competition are all great reasons to join an e-fed. That does set the Innovators of Wrestling ahead of the pack, if they can consistently pull all of that off, mind you.

    On that note, were they not JUST recognized as New E-Fed of the Week by eWscene? So now this week they’re being… bashed, singled out, and smeered? Washington Thomas Farfegnugen on that one, eWscene.

    I commend IoW for having the right reasons for wanting to run an e-fed.

    It’s my opinion they’re awesome. Bottom line.

  • Corey Owen

    personally, as somebody who has begrudgingly used a picbase for maybe 4 months of the last 4 years… lulz.

    in my old fed, we had a graphicsmaker so badass he freelanced in making banners for real promotions and musicians for pay. everybody who joined that roster wound up with a banner on their rosterpage at minimum after their first match, and often he’d be bored and pump out dozens of random goodies for his own amusement. it was certainly a perk and added to atmosphere. but on promoting the fed, he might make us badass ad banners but even /he/ never shilled us using “OMGZ SHINY GRAFFICKS”.

  • Justin Taylor


    • Justin Taylor

      How about nobody mentioning that these “best graphics in the history of eWrestling” are just a bunch of .psd cutouts slapped into a pretty logo. DID YOU EVEN DO THE CUTS YOURSELF? You want to impress me with art, do it without using copyrighted images of pop culture idiots. I’d rather see micros than picbases. I’d rather see a TEXT LINK than picbases.

  • Dean

    Who told these guys they have some of the best graphics in 17 years? I don’t mean to be rude but whoever said that is a complete idiot. I checked out IOW when I first heard about the guy and the very same spiel about him having had enough of poorly designed feds with bad graphics, so of course, I thought they’d be amazing and they quite clearly aren’t.

    I do agree that to base your strengths on something like this is bad enough but when you’re not actually THAT good at it, it’s even worse. I can think of so many feds with better graphics, micro’s, posers and a lot more creative material, so my advice to these guys would be similar to Bens; you need to focus on the essentials.

    I don’t know of any e-feds opened for “graphical” purposes. I know that mine was always intended to try and look pretty or slick, yeah, but it’s the writing, the community, the setup that was always the draw.

  • Pissed off IoW Fan

    More insults for an e-fed not interested in mudslinging but in entertaining its members and fans? IoW has shown itself to be a class act despite the passive aggressive attacks and completely unwarranted gang pile, oddly displayed here lately.

    Comments being said about IoW are a perfect example of why talented people don’t bother sticking around the game for very long. Your assinine insults are not only unnecessary but what bring this game down overall for a lot of people.

    Singling out an e-fed that has done nothing to you is pathetically childish, quite frankly. What happened to the adult concept of treating others the way you would want to be treated? Run your e-feds and let everyone else run theirs in peace.

    I’m not here to represent the Innovators of Wrestling but to simply state the obvious that all of you are being self-righteousness and indignite dicks. I’ll say what IoW has too much class to say. You want a harsh opinion to mirror your own? Grow up.


    • Dean

      We’re self-righteous dicks, are we? We’re not the ones arrogantly claiming to set the e-fed world on fire with the best graphics ever. Have you not seen that IOW have outright claimed that they’re fed up of shit graphics in e-feds and strive to be so much better? As if that isn’t an ego driven stance on its own.

      Meanwhile, we ought to grow up whilst you hide behind “Pissed Off IOW fan” because you’re too much of a pussy to put your name of the fucking internet; where there’s no repercussions for your actions or words.

      You don’t think the guy in charge of IOW, who created those graphics, who said he was fed up of shit graphics in e-feds and poorly designed websites, wasn’t taking a passive aggressive stab at OTHER e-feds in the process? Give me a break and get your ass on out of here man.

  • IoWOnline

    Hey there, folks. I just want to clarify a few things, simply in the interests of accurate information, rather than some misunderstandings being banded around and growing arms/legs.

    1. I have never ever claimed to have incredible graphics. I am of the opinion that our site graphics are solid, but that’s it. The direct quote pertaining to “best gfx in 17 years” come from eFed Rankings and I don’t subscribe to them. If anyone were to ask me whose site made my mouth water in an aesthetic sense, I’d say the Internet Wrestling Federation and HOW – among others. I don’t consider IoW to be on par and have never ever claimed as such. What I *have* done is use a quote that was given to me to use as positive feedback to an element of the site.

    2. My comments and direct quotes about “crappy graphics” seem to have been used as a sweeping generalisation to every fed out there. That’s not what I said. That’s not what I meant. There are feds out there littered with poor graphics and there are feds out there that blow my mind (IWF, HOW, Etc) so I think it’s important that people understand that. I’m not saying IoW is here to revolutionise the graphical fedding experience, because I’m not deluded.

    3. This misconception that I’m basing gfx as the big reason – the only reason, to join IoW is a real miss-fire. I’m not quite sure why the other points that I make on both posts about joining the site and my reasons (not your reasons, not ewScene’s reasons – my reasons) for running a fed have been overlooked.

    4. I’m unbelievably disappointed that people I have never had any dealings with have been so negative towards the fed with no prior knowledge of me, the site or my points behind my comments (which in some cases have been skewed for the purposes of making a point). I don’t claim to be a wonderful graphic designer – Hell, I don’t even claim to be a graphic designer. I’m just a guy who runs a new fed and wants to sell as many positive points as possible – somewhere along the line, that has been lost.

    5. Regardless of the negative comments, if those people ever decide to come to the IoW to role-play and enjoy the hobby for all the other good things on offer in the site, I’ll welcome you with (figurative) open arms and do all I can to help you make your experience with us a great one.

    Oh and also, I feel that it’s necessary to make it clear that I’m a huge fan of ewScene, E-Fed Rankings, Internet Wrestling Federation and HOW. They contribute fantastic things to this hobby and I have endless respect for that, as ultimately, i’m doing this to contribute as best that I can too.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Dean

      I’m personally glad that you came here to clear all that up. I’ve said below that it looked like you were taking a passive aggressive shot at e-feds you consider to be good but with poor graphics. Your explanation here I think is a good one and offers important and valuable insight. I’m pleased to hear that the aesthetics aren’t your priority and that you do have more to offer and are aware that there are more important things.

      Having said that, I would probably re-write your original blurb and apply some context because it’s clearly capable of rubbing people the wrong way. In the spirit of communication, maturity and whatever else, if you’d like to affiliate with us, let me know and I’d be happy to swap some information with you.

      I personally appreciate the fact you came here to clear some of those statements up.

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