The Art of the Promo is Dead

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  • Eric

    Is this a promo on how the ‘art of the promo’ is dead?

  • Drew Stevenson

    It’s an opinion, a true one at that!

    • Eric

      This reads more like a roleplay than an opinion piece or column. Hell, your response even seems to be in character.

  • Doug Boas


  • madmanszalinski


    • Drew Stevenson

      I wish more people understood wrestling logic instead of thinking that heels have to bury, because they don’t.

      Ric Flair used to hype up Rhodes/Steamboat, etc. but he made himself look even better than them.

      • madmanszalinski

        Look at the word. PROMO. Short for PROMOTIONAL. You are the promoter. You are responsible for people giving a shit about you, your opponent, the roster of your fed, the fed itself, the show you’re wrestling on, and wrestling as a whole itself.

        99% of the people reading this merely stop at “you”.

        • Drew Stevenson


          I’d prefer to see a match hyped up by both guys than one “crappy” wrestler against one “good” wrestler.

          But then again, in my humble opinion, that is why Flair is the greatest of all time.

  • Drew Stevenson

    It’s an in character article written by Stevenson on how the art of the promo is dead. I felt that it needed to be said, and thus I voiced my opinion.

    • ST

      In character … but your opinion? Someone has issues …

      • Drew Stevenson

        If you want to get technical, our character’s opinions are our opinions – just molded in the form of an efed character. If they weren’t then they would never even be reflected.

        Thanks for your opinion and debate. :)

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