The Art of the Promo is Dead

The wrestling business used to flourish and that is because more wrestlers and promoters alike understood how the business worked. It’s not how it used to be because in this day and age? Every wrestler and promoter damn near encourages the likes of the burial and it has ruined the very business that many of us old-schoolers used to really love once upon a time.

Let me shoot straight with all of you who utilize the burial, you prove that you suck at your craft and badly at that. The burial is used when guys and girls just can’t get over so they resort to cheap heat to get all eyes on them, now the biggest issue with this and I’m calling all of you stupid, ignorant wrestlers promoters out on this but why do you think that’s it so “cool” and “genius” to utilize a tactic that flat out makes you look like an idiot? Do you really not give a damn about the business? You simply care about the money, no passion what so ever and your moronic wrestlers, yes, even many of you who are considered “legends” and I use that term loosely don’t get how this business works and you think that making your opponent look like a joke in your matches actually makes your win look better. Well, you’re wrong for thinking that way and may I say again – you’re an idiot as well.

The promo is a true art form, one that very few of you truly get and most likely; you never will and that’s because your dickhead promoters don’t give two shits that you take the easy way out and hey, that is just the way that this business has become and chances are? It’ll never be like it was in the day because there are no time machines and 98% of you who are in this sport don’t care enough to hone your craft or to get better. You think that this business is straight up go to place A, wrestle, go to place B, wrestle and you never stop to think about the mental aspect of the business.

When you come into the wrestling business? You should really understand every aspect of it instead of half assing your work ethic because even your outside life effects your career. Learn your trade, hone your craft and love what you do because the future of this business and its future generation depends on you – the sad part is that I think all of you will kill it before you help it because you don’t care enough to hone your craft or learn your trade.

It’s sad but I can at least assure you that myself, Drew Stevenson and the rest of The Jokers Wild will do our damndest to preserve what this business used to be all about, wrestling, something that very few of you truly care about.

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