FRONTIER: Defend & Attack iPPV


This past weekend Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER broadcast it’s first iPPV of the year, Defend & Attack, live from the Braehead Arena in Glasgow.

Madman Szalinski, FRONTIER’s co-owner, took to the commentary booth for the first time and promised that it was only a temporary gig, he’s apparently got someone in mind for a permanent co-commentary job.

Xristus vs. Shane Tallin: Xristus made his FRONTIER debut against a solid opponent in Tallin, but he didn’t waste time in picking up his first win as his impressive finishing move, the Golgotha.

Laurel Anne Hardy made her feelings known to D.C. Frank Wiland, following on from the interference on the last show.  She feels that Wiland’s “Alpha Maling” defense of his girl is making it harder for the women of FRONTIER to be taken seriously.

Michael Hopkins vs. The Great Sato: Hopkins has been on an impressive roll in FRONTIER as of late and here he faced a Japanese legend in FRONTLINE’s Great Sato. Sato has never wrestled in the UK and it was clear that he was struggling with the difference in style. Just as Sato was looking like he was growing into the match Hopkins locked in the Dim Dianc and it was all over.

After the match Hopkins set his sights on Jay Pride or Chandler Scott, stating that he was coming for whichever man was to walk out of Glasgow as the GFC Champion.

Laurel Anne Hardy vs. Arcadia Chavez: An all female match up, but it was far from a girl fight. Things were hard fought enough but part way through the match Chavez tried to take a bite of Laurel! Hardy didn’t take kindly to that and grabbed a chair, to which Arcadia replied by throwing the ring bell at her as the referee had no choice but to throw this one out!

Summer Collins (c) vs. Evangelista – GFC Commonwealth Championship: Evangelista almost had the better of Collins the last time they faced, and this time they would go all six rounds. Evangelista started hard, but Summer took control. And then, just as Summer looked set to retain her title she’s hit with the Headbreaker and we have a new GFC Commonwealth Champion!

Jay Pride vs. Chandler Scott (c) – 60 Minute Iron Man for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship: What a match the main event was, these two men are each at the peak of condition and put on a real classic. 13 minutes in Jay nailed the Pride Eater and took a 1-0 lead, which lasted until the 29th minute when Chandler Scott took a page out of Madman Szalinski’s play book as he tied it up with the Deathrap submission. Then, as we closed in on the time limit, Pride took a nasty fall over the rope and caught his arm on the turnbuckle. He yelled out in pain and trainers rushed out from the back. Despite the Scotsman’s best efforts he was told he could not complete the match and the win was handed to Chandler by default.

So what next for FRONTIER? How will Jay Pride come back from his nasty injury? Is there anyone out there that can beat Chandler Scott? Join us again on the 23rd at the Liverpool Olympia and maybe we’ll have some answers!

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