Fact or Fiction returns Monday!

Update: Unfortunately due to a timing conflict the person that was set to do this ended up having to work and decided to bail. Currently looking into alternatives.

For those that remember this is a column piece with 3-6 questions/statements, in which myself or someone on Staff provides a few and the other person involved provides a few. We then take both sets of questions and determine if it’s Fact or Fiction. (by opinion in most cases)

This used to be a regular column on EWBlog/EWSpot but never made the transition to EWScene (I don’t believe). Was actually quite popular.

Anyhow Fact or Fiction will return/re-launch on Monday.

We actually have a few things that will be rolling out in the next few days. In the meanwhile however if you would like to post your Fed’s news/rumors/link to results feel free to PM ‘Spike’ on the forum or DM @TheEWZine on Twitter with a username you’d like to use!

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