Calling all Fed heads!

There has been some request for the Out of Character and In Character interviews to return. Currently working to do just that, and may retool some questions.

However I am looking for a few fed heads interested in shilling (or friendly advertising) their fed to potential writers and viewers. This will be from the fed head’s perspective, so OOC. The reason for this distinction is because there are still some guys and gals out there that can not seem to separate between the two when they try to do everything ‘in character’. Don’t worry though, with request that can be done as well.

So if you are interested, hit @TheEWZine up on Twitter. Looking towards getting the first one of these done Tuesday.

Please note at this time, at least in regard to this Feature, only fed heads are requested. It’ll make complete sense by the time the first ‘issue’ goes up.

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