Fed Informational Request

Welcome to a new Feature here at EWZine. Think of it as Efed Spotlight leveled up! This feature is for a single purpose, and just that purpose – To showcase the chosen fed, in the fed owner/runner’s own words.
Just fill this in and send it to ewzine.dev@gmail.com

Introducing First – FED NAME!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day for this. The purpose of this information is for an article being posted on the website on a twice-weekly or weekly basis, that will spotlight and showcase your fed. This is your time to ‘sell’ your fed to new viewers and handlers. Below are some standard questions that will be directed to each Fed taking part, however you are welcome to add to it.

Let’s begin!

Fed Name:  /  URL:

How long has it been Active:
Roster Spots Open (Yes/No) :
Is there a Website (Yes/No) :
Real or Fake/Created Characters:

Artwork style (pic base/poser/caw/sprites/ect) :

Fed Head/Owner’s Name:
Fed Owner’s history running Efeds (such as previous feds) :
Now let’s talk about the Fed!
What are the normal shows/events called?
What kind of schedule do you run? (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) etc. :
Full Results, Summary, Video-form, ect:
Is it heavy Script style, action-style, ect:
Where is the Fed based out of? :
Do you Tour or Regional/State-specific events? :
What kind of power hierarchy is in place in-character? (Such as a GM, President, Co-Owners, ect) :
How large is the current roster size:
Are you currently heavy with the good aligned, bad aligned, or otherwise:
What Divisions do you have? :
What Active Championships are in Rotation? :
Do you use Twitter for the fed? If so what is the Twitter ID?
Are your handlers encouraged to use Twitter for In-Character purposes?
What are some of the top stories/angles running?
How would you describe the Fed to a new potential handler?
How would you describe the Fed to new viewers?
Time to be truthful. What are Three Positives involving your Fed?
Again truthful. What are Three Negatives involving your Fed?
Finally, with all the above in mind WHY should somebody chose your Fed over the others:
That does it for the standard questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add, mention, hype? If so do so here!
Thanks for rating this! Now tell the world how you feel via Twitter.
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