OOC Interview Request Form

We can always try and schedule an actual interview, but in most cases for now this is the easy procedure. Later on we can expand :)

 Just fill this out and send it to ewzine.dev@gmail.com – Subject: OOC Interview – your name.
Please also provide a picture, preferably of yourself – And Twitter ID In or/and Out of Character :)

General Information:

Your name?:

Your Age?:

Who do you write as?:

Where do you write for?: (url?)

Twitter Handle (OOC/IC):


For those who may not be sure, who are you and what may they have known you from in eWrestling?:

How did you first discover eWrestling? Tell us that story.:

What are some other notable, or not so notable, eFeds that you have been in over the years that you can think of?:

What are some other notable or not so notable characters you have handled, if any?:

With your time in the hobby, have you ever brought in someone new? Maybe a friend, a cousin, a girlfriend even?:

If you could hang out with anyone else you’ve met in the hobby who would it be and why?

In your time in eWrestling, who are some other of your favorite people, that you have worked with?:

Are there any handlers that you have never had the chance to work with that you wish you could: 

How about handlers/characters that have rubbed you the wrong way? Anyone you just can’t stand?:

What are some of your favorite angles or storylines that you have been involved with?:

Is there anything you’ve done that you look back on and wonder why you did it in the first place?:

Are there any other eFeds or sites you keep up with, and if so what interest you about them?: 

Let’s break the mold here. What is something that is coming up involving your Character(s) that you can speak on or feel like spoiling?:

That does it for the standard questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add, mention, hype? If so do so now! 
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