The use of Twitter in E-Wrestling – Is it time to #stepfwd?

Let’s face the facts…

1. Twitter’s usage in our E-Wrestling hobby has grown over the years. Quadrupled even.

2. Regardless how often you do it, or how many of your roster members/handlers tweet about it – You will NEVER create a trending topic/hashtag based around your Fed or the hobby in general. At least not country or location specific. You may be able to with the Tailored Trends, depending who all you follow on that Twitter account of course.

3. The use of #OOC within tweets that are supposed to be in-character is crazy. This usage can really irk your fellow handlers and the fed staff.

4. The use of Twitter has actually somewhat decentralized our hobby – rather than bring it together. This may not seem true but give it some thought.

Monday is a great example here. Two separate feds were tweeting throughout the day about their WarGames show. High Octane Wrestling and Badger State Wrestling. Both using the same hashtag. This would have been a perfect example of a number one trend occurring, if the numbers were in their favor. Obviously this was not the case. Of course if they did it today, it may have had a bigger impact seemingly thanks to the news that the movie WarGames it getting a reboot.

So why am I speaking about this?

Over three or so years ago I had set something up that would enable this to be a possibility. At that time Twitter was not quite as in use as it is today, for E-Wrestling at least. Some feds had their own custom script type things. Or using their message board/forums as a fake twitter feed. Ben Halkum posted a nice article from The EFed Truth site regarding this back on EWScene which you can read in the archives here.

The platform itself is actually already setup still. And has been active all this time. Lots of spam to clean out of it, although no idea how the bots/spammers found the url.

Would it not be easier to centralize the in-character twitter accounts under its own platform? This would hit points 2 and 3, and definitely 4, of the above easily. You can still follow each other, still tweet/dm/RT/fav and all that fun. Create a separate account for each character you handle. Keeping everything in-character for your fed.

So the question is – Is there enough interest this go around and is it a good time to roll this platform out again.

Another thing to think about in relation. Twitter changes policies. Right now they are not that heavy on cracking down on the material that gets posted, such as porn and all that which Facebook does prohibit. Same goes with parody/roleplay accounts. Now neither of these really matter in an E-Wrestling sense, unless you run a Real Wrestler fed. But if Twitter does ever crackdown on those, it’ll open the door for others as well.

If you think your fed would be interested in being a part of a centralized E-Wrestling oriented twitter platform, just reply to the tweet for this article, or comment below.

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