The Different Faces of CAW Feds (courtesy of @MichaelParker84)

Much confusion has been going on over the difference between CAW and an efed with video results.

CAW stands for Create a Wrestler and by that definition alone, we’re all CAW. But it goes much further than creating an Original character to be considered part of a CAW league. A lot of people see a video of a wrestling video game playing and automatically brand what you are seeing as CAW. This is not always the case…

Just like eFeds, CAW has its main game play determined by Angle or Competition, but they can be called by different names. (Also a 3rd option, but I’ll get into that later)

But first, let’s learn the very beginning history of what CAW was and why its is so much different from eFeds.

In the ugly beginning days of CAW it was just 1 person creating an entire federation of original wrestlers on a new feature that just came out called Create a Wrestler. The CAW league of Non Player Characters, or NPC for short would go about what all federations would do like booking matches, hosting shows and watch their federation events. Maybe a a friend would help out once in a while but for the most part it was 1 player with a computer playing against them. Very limited video edits, if any, were made to create an entertaining show. It was mostly just a lot of video game footage with some kid with an extremely high voice screaming silly nonsense but it was funny to them and it was done for themselves. They kept track of their federation using videos and paper instead of a website.

Some CAW shows even had the 1 person doing commentary while playing the game and in early cases you could hear controller buttons being smashed which gave it a horrible presentation.
(Around this time Efeds had being doing this type of stuff for just a few years prior with Poser.)

Eventually this evolved into using youtube and the ability to host multiple players online. Getting more players involved is what has made the difference between CAW and eFeds so confusing. eFeds require multiple players or the federation has an empty roster and no game play available. CAW would just play NPC battles and be content until the internet and consoles got so much better, now multiple players available it is also almost a requirement. Now with the option to play with others, and in High Definition, they do so.

Now with that being said I’ll break down the different options of CAW leagues that I have came across and see how they relate or not to eFeds. It’s hard to label the different CAW leagues and relate these terms from community to community because they all seem to define themselves a bit differently. It’s not as easy to define CAW as it is for eFeds, because CAW is newer, and a younger generation. Most of them all just call it CAW and somewhere is the rules the game play is defined.

[CAW] 1 Player.
-This person just wants to play Mr. Booker and entertain himself or a friend or 2. This is sometimes done for practice before opening a more complex multiple player league. This was the only original option in the early stages of CAW.

CAW has just recently started using websites more and more after the launch of vW is fluent in both the CAW and eFed communities.

[CAW] Angle.
-This is what most CAW federations today are, angle feds. I’ve seen them called Story Leagues before. All players work together within the federation to put forth the most entertaining wrestling show they can. How does someone move up the ladder? A lot of it comes down to the fed head. The fed head normally works with a large circle of online friends who participate portraying multiple characters and record matches against each other trying to create good editable video footage to create a show. A show is produced using the footage, but the show is mostly directed towards telling a story, or a book rather than players actually competing. A fan WILL SEE a Gamertag above a wrestler’s head in the video because that is not an available online option to turn off. *Unless a fed head is trying to patch, or fix something then they might use 1 player mode and take the HUD off*

[CAW] Competition.
-FIGHT! Play the wrestling game online until you have a winner while recording. Special match rules are set to eliminate cheap moves, or ending a match early a certain way. A player can get Disqualified by breaking the rules… you get the idea. You play a wrestling game online and run the federation matches from recording the matches and posting them online. A lot of these federation can be found posting matches 1 at a time and the care for creating a show or telling a story takes a back seat. They also create shows out of the match footage, but it’s a little less common than the [CAW]Angle type of feds. A fan WILL SEE a Gamertag above a wrestler’s head in the video because that is not an available online option to turn off.

[CAW] Roleplay. (More of a feature, or an option)
-This is CAW where they actually roleplay on a forum just like a lot of eFeds do. They are doing this unbeknownst to the whole eFed universe that has existed for decades. They call themselves a CAW Promo fed. This is where they cut promo’s on a forum against one another in a roleplay format(it’s primitive to say the least) but they are not actually competing in a writing competition. It is just for fun, because the real winners are STILL either determined by ANGLE or COMPETITION. They just seem to try to take their CAW gameplay a step further by adding the ability to give more “voice” than they are aloud to on the shows.
(I think I have found only 1 or 2 CAW Leagues ever that actual use forum roleplays to determine a winners. And they both were REAL wrestlers)

From what I can tell, it’s about a 50/50 between [CAW] Angle and [CAW] Competition leagues. The [CAW] Roleplay leagues are really rare.

eFed with Video Results.
By now I bet you can already guess some of the things I’m about to list here that makes this label a lot different from the rest, and a lot similar. Let me break it down anyways.
They are an efed through and through. They write out shows just like eFeds, but take it a step further by presenting that in a video format. No online mode is used, you normally don’t see 1 P, 2 P or a gamer tag above someones head. Less and less of the game’s HUD is displayed because it’s not needed. The object is to give eFed results in a video format, and to look less and less like someone playing game footage. A staff works together to create the situations that have been planned out on paper after a winner has been determined via rolelpaying on a forum. Normal deadlines and/or roleplay limits… same rules most eFeds juggle around. is a perfect example of several eFeds with video results. They have built a whole community on the idea over there. They actually inspired me to take that leap of faith and actually open vWrestling instead of just talking about it forever.

What’s the difference between eFeds and CAW? eFeds use writing/roleplays to help determine an outcome of a character’s career. When a persons writing ability comes into play to determine a wrestler’s career, that is an eFed. CAW could care less how well you write out a promo, if anything they just want just a 30 second voice over to match a video graphic and add some production value. CAW wants interesting back stories and detailed wrestling attire. CAW & eFeds are just different shades of eWrestling. CAW is a little weird to eFedders because that direct competition whether it be in roleplays or writing on a show is simple NOT THERE like it is in eFeds. Some CAW Angle feds work like Angle eFeds, but its not even a fair comparison really because the fed head’s ideas are always so much more overpowering in CAW than in efeds.

Also eFeds work on a year-round schedule. CAW shows work like a TV schedule format where they produce seasons and episodes that end up having an average of about 13 shows a year. This is not always the case, but it is the case for most of CAW. CAW shows sometimes appear to have superior production values because they get to spend sometimes 2 or 3 times as much time working on each show with the shortened schedule.

CAW or eFed is not determined by video, it is determined by writing.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion. is an eFed with video results.

The preceding content was provided by Michael Parker of on the EWZine Forums.

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