Feature: Fact or Fiction #1 – The Return!

For those that remember this is a column piece (originally from EWzine/EWblog/EWSpot) with 3-6 questions/statements, in which someone on Staff provides 3 questions and a Guest provides 3 more. We then take both sets of questions and determine if it’s Fact or Fiction. (by opinion in most cases)

Today’s guest: Sarah Gonzales

Sarah is a former moderator at Gamefaqs, obviously a gamer and wrestling fan while quite heavy into the fan fiction communities. She is the co-editor for the soon-to-launch entertainment website The Ropes, if it ever makes that jump forward.

Sarah is actually our first guest without involvement in this hobby.

So let’s get this underway.

#1 – The Current Wrestling product is killing our Fantasy Wrestling hobby.

Sarah: FACT. This is not my expertise which will become quite clear. Pro Wrestling entertainment in the US seem to be on a downward spiral with few spurts of interest. Chris Jericho returned last Monday which led to my first viewing of RAW in over a year. I could imagine this was the same for other former fans/busy people. You people have new writers come in somehow right?

Dusty: FACT. But this is more due to the way the market is ran. EWrestling was VERY popular during the attitude era which is what people are always clamoring for today. This however would not fix the problem. What I personally think needs done is for the WWE, or any other that decides to step up to the ring, to start a fantasy wrestling game again on their website. Get interest going off the weekly shows.

#2 – The WWE Network is garnering interest into E-Wrestling.

Sarah: FICTION. I honestly do not know. I have the Network. It is fun to watch some old PPV shows. That is all I use it for.

Dusty: FICTION. This is probably going to change but right now it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. I haven’t heard of any former writers coming back or any new handlers anywhere specifically state that they wanted to join an EFed after reliving their love for Wrestling off the WWE Network. If/When (it seems to be quite possible at this rate) WWE allows for adverts/cut-ins during segments on their shows, outside tweets, imagine that following we could get if some simple advert wall’s included though!

#3 – CAW-Based/Video-Based Efeds are the wave of the future.

Sarah: FACT. You people are always writing out your matches. Writing full shows. What we watch on TV is live action wrestling and acting. That aspect would go a long way with the creative suites available in today’s video games.

Dusty: FICTION. No offense to those that run a CAW fed of any sort, it just isn’t a NEW thing to push us forward in most cases. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few out there that are doing a great job. It is just that CAW features have been in wrestling games clear back to the 90s. Before Justin.tv existed (precursor to Twitch) or even Youtube, there were feds out there that would upload recorded video or clips from their gameplay to be included in a shows results or put together as such. Personally I did this for NBW at one time. Had some fun creating half the roster and setting up unique entrances for them, but eventually got tired of all the editing and such that was needed. HOWEVER while I say fiction now, if the right tools came along this could certainly be a fact.

We’ll now be swapping the questions around for the final three.

#4 – Wrestling in general would be more popular if on one of the main networks.

Dusty: FACT. Assuming this means NBC, ABC and the like of course. Truth is this would mean competition. Imagine WWE going head to head with a show like Big Brother or 24. Heavy Ratings juggernauts. They would step up their game and put on much better and interesting shows. Not to mention advertisement revenue increases.

Sarah: FACT. USA Network is popular but no where near as watched as the main block. Syfy and SpikeTV are even less viewed. If your flagship program like Monday Night War is on ABC Monday Nights and going up against the current returning 24, the ratings difference would be a wake up call. A blast in the ass that the WWE executives desperately need.

#5 – EWrestling is a form of Fantasy Writing like Fan Fiction.

Dusty: FACT. I guess? I mean it is writing, and fan fiction is just fantasy fiction writing for stuff of interest. Tapping into that market could actually be a good idea.

Sarah: FACT. It simply is which is why I asked this one.

#6 – Real Wrestling is more popular on forums/communities, while EWrestling is more popular on social media/self-hosted forums.

Dusty: FACT. But this is a bit of a skewed perspective. Outside your own fed there isn’t much talk about that fed, but if you take RT/Fav’s and replies on Twitter/FB into context then you got a bit more to go with. The opposite side see’s wrestling based forums constantly having new posts and threads made regarding topics around the wrestling business and not just the latest show. However this is likely to be discussed more on twitter but can be difficult to keep up with on there in comparison.

Sarah: FACT. Originally my answer was Fiction. I was then showed a few EFeds on Twitter that take the whole social aspect up a level with fake persona accounts, fake relationships, and even fake pets. This is one thing I can proudly say that Fan Fiction writing does not lead to. It does exist, yes. Even at that level with RP accounts only on the Miley Cyrus fan-base crazy-train. Humanity, right?

That does it for the first edition of the returning Fact or Fiction. Join us next time for another set of questions/statements and a new Guest.

If you would like to be a guest, please feel free to email ewzine.dev [AT] gmail.com or contact us over the Community Forums.

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