Project: Z – Is coming very soon!!! Get your #EFed Involved! #EWProjectZ

What is Project: Z?

Unfortunately you will just have to wait and see! A few, very select few, have seen it or even know what it entails. What can be said is it is something that has been requested over the ages in this hobby, and even attempted before. Not much of a hint, but with good reason.

Will it be awesome and news worthy?

Probably not. Just stating the truth! However there will be a group that enjoys the added exposure element for their fed/wrestler. Maybe that will expand with others. Then again maybe it will turn out awesome!

This post is more to call out any feds out there on twitter to TWEET to @EWProjectZ with ANY of your wrestling event results urls for the month of September. Just one in particular, or each show if you happen to run multiple. Separate tweets though. For those of you that do not actually archive by date or really just for ease, can you also please specify the date of the show in the same tweet. :)

You can PM on the forums if you do not use Twitter.

Let the speculation begin! Tweet using #EWProjectZ with your thoughts on what is coming.

That does it for now.

-This is part one of a multi-part column update. Further parts will be posted over the course of the next few days.


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