Using Resources for your EFed.


Did you know that sites like this one, EWZine, EWIllustrated, One Ring Circus, Roughkut, FWrestling, Poser Factory and others of the sort exist for you, the Efed Owners/handlers? Likewise they operate from your input and interaction. These sites are ran off paid hosting services, not free boards, free hosts, or any banner-ridden services. Therefore there is no ulterior motive for traffic gains.

These sites are provided as a ResourceThese sites help get your fed out there across the interwebs on a broader scope than just by posting a link on Twitter or a forum advertisement section.

Sites like Boardwalk Wrestling have taken advantage of this resource, and quite successfully.

EWZine see’s on a daily basis ~45-60 thousand hits a day, with spikes upwards of 100K. Anywhere between 10K pages to 55K pages are pulled up daily. And it used to be even better than that.

Now picture a good majority of those hits are going to Boardwalk Wrestling’s articles and by-route to their Website. Great exposure.

Other EFeds could be named here however BW is by far the most active and taking a firm grasp on using the resources to their advantage.

It is simple to have access to post your EFed’s news. Just DM or PM any/all of us with your fed name and a username to post under. The access will be setup for you from there.

So the question is – Why aren’t you taking advantage of the Resources available to get your EFed out there?

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