Boardwalk Presents Full Tilt II iPPV Card

Boardwalk Presents Full Tilt II iPPV Card 

Thursday, June 18th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 


-Singles Match-

Chubbs Magoo -vs- Dude JoB 

A while back, Boardwalk’s Owner Michael Pettis told the team of Chubbs Magoo and Matt Meyhu to go and get the Tag Team Titles off of the Davidsons. But before they had the chance, Dude Job and Sean Fuller did the job for them. Now, not wanting to let down the boss, Chubbs Magoo steps up to face one half of the Tag Team Champions to show that he and Meyhu still deserve another shot. Will he succeed in his ambitions, or will Dude Job send the clown back to the basement of Bally’s?

-Iron Man Match | HOW Icon Championship Match-

Ian Bishop w/ Unstable  -vs- Darin Zion w/ Sex & Money 

For those who have followed High Octane Wrestling the past month, you are aware of the bad blood between Sex & Money and The Unstable. After already defeating Darin Zion once on his home turf, Ian Bishop looks to once again show that he is the better man and this time in Boardwalk. Darin Zion has agreed to come to Atlantic City and promises redemption for his loss, in this sixty minute iron man match. Just who can get the most pinfalls in that hour? And will the members of the Unstable or Sex & Money get involved somehow? Who will walk out of the arena as the High Octane Wrestling ICON Champion?

-Internet Title Match-

Julliet Brooks -vs- CJ O’Donnell 

It has been a long and storied few weeks for Julliet Brooks and her challenger CJ O’Donnell. At one point they wanted to kill each other. Then, they seemed to be in a relationship of sorts. But after spending some time with a trio of hookers along with his stablemates, CJ O’Donnell found himself in the doghouse, and again feeling the verbal wrath of Julliet Brooks. Now, with Damon leaving the company and out of the match, we finally get a one on one contest to see just who will walk out of Full Tilt the Internet Champion. Will the dust settle after this? Or is this just the beginning of things to come?

-Atlantic City Title Match-

Sean Fuller -vs- Jared Black 

At our last pay per view, Sean Fuller defeated three other competitors in a grueling match to earn this title shot at Jared Black. While neither man has been very vocal about the upcoming contest, that only shows that they are both focused on the task at hand. For Jared Black, a win for him will cement him as one of Boardwalk’s longest reigning Atlantic City Champions, while a win for Fuller will make him the first ever two time Champion. Neither one of these men plan to walk out the loser, but in a title match… Who does? Be sure to take your bathroom breaks before this match folks, as it will be one to remember!

-Main Event | #1 Contender To Atlantic City Title, Anarchy Title | Triple Cage Match-

MikeZybala, Julliet Brooks, Uncle Rocky and Dave Van Dam -vs- Destroyer, Ozura and The Lockharts 

 Originally, The Lockharts were set to team with Parker Van Peters and Malachi for this match. But after their lack of promo activity and lackluster performance in the ring, the Boardwalk Directors decided instead to insert the two men set to be involved for the Anarchy Title in this match instead, and put two prizes on the line! Now, The Lockharts team with both Destroyer and Ozura to take on Mike Zybala, Internet Champion Julliet Brooks and two men who are no stranger to a Boardwalk ring…. Uncle Rocky and Dave Van Dam! Three cages will be stacked on top of each other and filled with weapons. At the very top…. Both the Anarchy Title and a guaranteed shot at the Atlantic City Champion. Two men will walk out with a prize, while six are left battered and bruised. Just who will survive? Be sure to order Full Tilt now on iPPV to find out!



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