Boardwalk Xtra 078 Card

Boardwalk Xtra 078 Card 

Thursday, July 16th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 


-Handicap Match-

“The Living Legend” AMP -vs- R.O.A.R

So Amp being the cocky and arrogant legend that he is issued an open challenge to any tag team here in Boardwalk Wrestling and almost immediately Jeremiah Hardin and Dark Tiger answered the challenge. Amp said he is going to prove that he can beat two men and this is just preparation for his match against Danny B. Hardin and Tiger are going to try to ruin Amp’s plan and are foaming at the mouth to shut up so called Living Legend…

-Singles Match-

Tara Davidson -vs- Cyrus Riddle 

Tara Davidson suffered a tough loss  two weeks ago against her former husband and current HOW World Heavyweight Champion Jason P. Davidson. Her task doesn’t get any easier this week as she faces one of the hottest wrestlers in Cyrus Riddle this week. Will The Damned accompany him to ringside this week? Will JPD make an appearance? What will happen when these two great competitors square off against one another

-Six Man Tag Team Match-

Bradley Carrington, Ed Houston and Matt Meyhu -vs- The Lockharts and Sean Fuller 

Matt Meyhu picked up a huge win against Lockhart and Dude JoB last week. Ed Houston has been on a huge winning streak while his stable mate Carrington suffered a tough lost to Tony Steele in his first match back since getting married. The Lockharts look to show that Jared Black made the right choice while choosing them to represent the tag division in his stable. One has to wonder how Sean Fuller will feel as all of these men have made it known they want a shot at Dude JoB and his Tag Team Title? A six man tag team match is going to be packed with so much action and who knows if these teams will get along?

-Singles Match-

Jason P. Davidson -vs- Danny B 

On Live The King’s Court was introduced and JPD continued to play his mind games against Julliet Brooks. Danny B was said to be highly upset of this and demanded to shut up the HOW World Heavyweight Champion. Both men are consider not only veterans of the ring but also wrestling legends. This is going to be a battle for the ages and one you will not want to miss.

-Singles Match-

Jared Black -vs- Buddy Royal 

Two men who can talk trash with the best of them. Jared Black has been making waves the last few weeks forming a stable called The Damned as he felt he was robbed at Full Tilt in his Atlantic City Title match. Since Buddy Royal returned at Full Tilt he has been on a mission to make his face the one everyone mentions when they talk about the Anarchy Division.

-Internet Title Match-

Special Guest Referee: Jared Black

Julliet Brooks -vs- CJ O’Donnell©

 For over 2 months these two have had a love/hate relationship. At first it looked like these two were going to be the Power Couple of Boardwalk Wrestling. But after Julliet left CJ in jail things turned for the worse. CJ made it his main purpose in Boardwalk to make Brooks life a living hell. And he did that by winning the Internet Title from her at Full Tilt. To make matters worse CJ just kidnapped Samantha this past Xtra which only pissed off Brooks more. Will Julliet finally be able to overcome this monster or will The Distinguished continue his success against the face of BW?



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