Boardwalk Xtra 087 Card

Boardwalk Xtra 087 Card 

Thursday, September 17th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 


-Dark Match-

Bolt Shockley -vs- RJ Palmer 

Bolt Shockley is the newest member of the Boardwalk roster, having been announced as a new member of the roster just a few hours ago, the youngster has will be making his debut against another new member of the Boardwalk roster, Australian RJ Palmer. “The Antagonist” looks to make a great first impression in his debut contest here in Atlantic City. Palmer has a long history with Boardwalk staff member, Dante Anglais. Does that have something to do with his arrival in Boardwalk? And how will Bolt Shockley do in this clash with a former World Champion? This match will only be shown to the live audience at Bally’s before Live goes on the air!

-Fatal Four Way Match-

Michael Maddox -vs- Kristen Wilde -vs- Harley Addams -vs- Christian Spade 

We kick off the live portion of Xtra with a fatal four way contest that will see give the victor a real shot at earning a Casino Championship match. With all of these competitors being capable of pulling out a victory, they’ll all be scrapping to pick up the victory. Will it be Michael Maddox? Kristen Wilde? Harley Addams? Or Christian Spade? Find out as Xtra kicks off with this anyone-can-win contest.

-Singles Match-

N0va -vs- Vixen 

Having been best by Mike Zybala, Nova gets another chance in singles competition as he goes up against someone who has yet to get a singles run going in the form of Vixen. While neither of these competitors are household names, they both work hard and strive to improve and they have the chance to show it in this affair. Can Nova pick up the victory? Or will Vixen prove herself to be more than a match for him?

-Tag Team Match-

Dave Van Dam and Mike Zybala -vs- Bradley Carrington and Ed Houston 

The newly formed team of Dave Van Dam and Mike Zybala get the opportunity to make a name for themselves as they go up against the team of Bradley Carrington and Ed Houston. Both these teams will feel that a victory can be a kick-start towards a tag team title match. Which of these two teams will pick up the victory and launches themselves into title contention?

-Non-Title Match-

Bucky Evans -vs- Baxter 

Casino Champion Baxter gets yet another tough test this week. One of Boardwalk Wrestling’s most seasoned veterans, Bucky Evans, gets a crack at the the champion here tonight! The title isn’t on the line in this one, but you’ve got to imagine that a win for Evans could mean a shot at the gold in the near future.

-Singles Match-

NES -vs- Tate Troy 

Tate Troy has proved herself to be one hell of a competitor picking up some comprehensive victories since making her debut. On Xtra, the level of competition takes a big jump upwards as she faces off with the man who placed third in the Boardwalk Rumble, NES. When he debuted, a lot of people expected NES to be nothing more than a comedy competitor but he has proven all the doubters wrong and has been on a tear, making everyone take notice. Will Tate Troy’s impressive run continue? Or is NES going to be too much for her to handle?

-Singles Match-

Sean Fuller -vs- Claire Foxe 

On Xtra, Claire Foxe was announced as the second entrant into the Gauntlet Match at Dead Man’s Hand. Her impressive showings of late got the attention of management and she will get another big opportunity here as she collides with Sean Fuller, a man who seems a little lost at the moment. Having lost the Atlantic City and Tag Team Championships, he has really struggled these last few weeks. Will the chance to stop Claire Foxe’ momentum be enough to elevate Fuller’s performance level? Or will Claire Foxe continue to steamroll through her competition and take down another Main Event star?

-Main Event | Six Person Tag Team Match-

Julliet Brooks,  Ian Bishop and CJ O’Donnell -vs- Cyrus Riddle,  Danny B and Jared Black 

What a huge Main Event for Xtra! After pulling off something of an upset by defeating Riddle, CJ looks to do something similar again this week. He has back-up with him in the form of Unstable teammates, Julliet Brooks and Ian Bishop. They’ll definitely be on the same page for this one while, on the other side of things, the make-shift “strange bedfellows” team of Danny B, Jared Black and Cyrus Riddle may be formidable in their own right but will they be able to work together? Riddle is going to want to get some revenge on CJ and has the opportunity to get his hands on his opponent at Dead Man’s Hand! Which of these two teams will be walking out of Xtra with what could prove to be a huge victory?

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