UWL Road to 10th Year Celebration 10-17-15


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UWL “Road to 10th Year Celebration”, 10/17/15
Municipal Auditorium – Nashville, TN
8,000 Fans

1. Great Tyger beat Reginald Dampshaw III (9:05) with a Small Package
2. Ron Hamilton beat Billy Danielson (9:19) by Pin Fall
3. Shawn Sanders beat Autumn Raven (11:39) with the Third Degree
4. UWL Prestige Title: Craig Williams (c) beat Sunday Night Heat (12:11) by DQ
5. Evan Carvelle beat Terrell Aldridge (4:12) with the Evan Cutter
6. Cory Chevelle beat Arch Stanton (16:44) with the C-2
7. Caleb Hart beat Hillbilly Sutton (18:18) with the Fairytale Ending

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