Boardwalk Hype 108 Card

Boardwalk Hype 108 Card

Sunday, February 14th 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Tureos vs. Kolic

Starting off Hype is two newcomers who were signed on Super Bowl Sunday before this card was announced. “Tureos” Jesse Rattan comes to Boardwalk after an eye opening life experience, hoping to rid the world of what he calls poisonous individuals. On the other side is Kolic, who we saw at Crowning Achievement as a spectator along with his wife Kate. Although he has turned his back on the fans in the past, Kolic looks to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. As these two crowd favorites compete for their first win, just who will come out on top?


El Grande Malo vs. Alexander Redd

Luchador El Grande Malo has had a long journey behind him in learning the ways of lucha libre and competing where he could for money, before making his way to the hottest independent promotion around today in Boardwalk Wrestling. His opponent is Alexander Redd who looks to regain his past glory not only of his own, but of the Redd family also after a hard downward spiral. Now both of these competitors look to make a name for themselves on the Jersey Shore in this big Hype match up!


Archie Davis vs. Allister Black

Veteran wrestler and Hall of Famer Allister Black has made his way to Boardwalk Wrestling, where he looks to continue his career of spectacular matches and glory. Starting out small here on Hype though, he knows he will once again have to work from the bottom to get back to the “promised land.” His opponent is a man that is pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a pro wrestler after suffering a mid life crisis… Archie Davis! Can Allister Black give him a crash course in wrestling or will Davis realize he should have been doing this all along as a career?



Zach Rizza vs. Ricky Stanton vs. Osiris Lincoln

“Big Tyme” Zach Rizza has arrived in Boardwalk after a career of winning over the hearts of fans around the world. He steps into the main event of Hype in his first match against not just one man though, but two, as he takes on “Pretty” Ricky Stanton and Osiris Lincoln. While Ricky and his clones have yet to turn their “hype” into winning, he still has made a huge impact here in Boardwalk. Osiris Lincoln is the wild card here though, as after terrorizing N0va and Ed Houston this past month, he now looks to cause even more damage with every opportunity. Can Stanton finally put a tally mark in the “W” column here? Or maybe Osiris dominates both of his opponents like the monster that he is? Or hell, maybe Zach Rizza gives us all a “Big Tyme” moment? Whichever story plays out, this is one main event that will set Hype on the right course!



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