Boardwalk Hype 114 Card

Boardwalk Hype 114 Card

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

The Streets of Liverpool | Liverpool, England



Ursula Areano vs. Travis Nathaniel Andrews

Ursula Areano has returned to Boardwalk Wrestling! She makes her return to Hype, facing Travis Nathaniel Andrews in what should be a competitive match! Andrews fell short against The Phoenix last week, but he has a chance at redemption this week against the returning Areano. Can Travis Andrews play the spoiler, or will Ursula Areano start her big comeback in Boardwalk?



Archie Davis vs. Jonny Cedrone

After a tough loss to El Grande Malo last week on Hype in the main event, Archie Davis vows to get back on track this week for all of his “Archie-Maniacs” out there! His opponent is a man who made quick work of Osiris Lincoln last week, Jonny Cedrone! Now, Cedrone looks to keep working up the ranks here on Hype. Can he do it with a win here or will the power of “Archie-Mania” be too much to handle?




El Grande Malo vs. Cameron Sanders vs. The Phoenix vs. Allister Black

Allister Black must feel like the odd man out seeing this booking, seeing that all three of his opponents are definitive fan favorites here in Boardwalk. “The 8th Deadly Sin” will take on not one, not two, but three other competitors in a fatal four way. El Grande Malo, The Phoenix and Cameron Sanders have all proven that they want to win the Hype Title, as has Allister. Could this match have some bearing on the gold, or is it just something that the bookers want to see badly?




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