Boardwalk Xtra 126 Card

Boardwalk Xtra 126 Card

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Ryan McCollum & Zach Rizza vs. Jonny Cedrone & Mike Zybala

Ryan McCollum and Zach Rizza are two of the biggest men in Boardwalk. Of course, that doesn’t exactly mean they are buddy-buddy. Regardless, they find themselves on the same side of the ring this week, and we’re all waiting to see if they can get along! Standing against them is a pair of fan favorites in Jonny Cedrone who has returned after a brief absence and The Comeback Kid, Mike Zybala! This will be one hell of a battle!



Keegan Ryan vs. Jan van der Roost

One can argue that Keegan Ryan doesn’t have the best of luck, but it’s hard to deny that he has the tenacity of a starving badger. Who better to handle that sort of determination than a man whose work ethic matches? Jan van der Roost has proven that he wasn’t just talking when he said he would be ready to wrestle at any moment. The odds on this match on the Bally’s floor will be loaded, choose wisely!



Noah Hanson vs. Myris

The man who was almost Casino Champion at Dealer’s Choice meets the man who just became Casino Champion! Despite being part time and conducting business in other companies Noah Hanson is one of the hardest working members in the Boardwalk locker room. Does he have his work cut out for him as he takes on the seasoned Myris, or will the new Champ give him a run for his money?




Sean Fuller vs. Bryan Williams

Sean Fuller returns to Boardwalk Wrestling! This match is a showcase of talent as one of the men who is a single Championship away from becoming the first Grand Slam Champion in Boardwalk History squares off against a man who has recently declared it a personal goal of his own. Sean Fuller is a former AC Champion while Bryan Williams has never had the pleasure. Will Fuller bring himself one step closer or will Williams propel himself forward on his own path?



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