Boardwalk Hype 129 Card

Boardwalk Hype 129 Card

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



CJ Matthews vs. Cameron Sanders

CJ Matthews came up short in his Boardwalk debut, falling to a pin from Kolic in their triple threat match. Cameron Sanders was also unsuccessful, not quite able to get one over on the Hype Champion. Tonight they both have the chance to turn their luck around, but only one can do so. Will it be the newcomer or the Boardwalk veteran?



Gloriana vs. Kolic

No one quite knows what happened in Gloriana’s dark match that took place last week before Hype aired, but rumor has it that it wasn’t pretty. Kolic, however, was successful in a triple threat match. Can Gloria make an impact in her first televised Boardwalk match or will Kolic keep the momentum rolling?



Adam Gatner vs. Azarius Creed

Adam Gatner put up a good showing in his match last week but wasn’t quite able to get the victory, even though he wasn’t pinned. Azarius Creed saw his first loss since joining Boardwalk, but somehow we don’t think that will have slowed him down any. We’re looking for this match to be highly competitive between the two fan favorites.




Malaici vs. El Grandé Malo

This could have been a preview for an eventual Hype Championship match but Malaici fell to Zolton last week. Still, Malaici has a golden opportunity here as he steps up against the Champion. If he were to pull out a win, what would that mean for his chances at the title down the line? Malo himself comes fresh off of a win over veteran Cameron Sanders. Can he keep that momentum going?




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