Boardwalk Live 130 Card

Boardwalk Live 130 Card

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Steven Scarpelli vs. Jan van der Roost

Newcomer Steven Scarpelli has met with a lack of success so far. With his conditional contract on the line in this match, we sure hope he brings out the big guns! He faces a formidable challenge in the form of Jan van der Roost! The Rooster is well known as one of the workhorses of Boardwalk, and he’s prepared to put the young competitor through his paces.



Sean Fuller vs. Travis Dane

Last week Sean Fuller… Well actually we don’t quite know. He was slated in a match against Synnum de la Cruz, but Synn never arrived. Travis Dane squared off against Jan van der Roost but came up a little shy. There was something of a confrontation after the match between Dane and Jonny Cedrone, but the full details have yet to come out! Will it play a factor this week?




Zach Rizza vs. Bryan Williams

Zach Rizza may not always be successful, but he definitely always leaves an impact. Just see what he did in the 5-Way Elimination match at Full Tilt and his brutal performance last week against Claire Collins if you don’t know what we mean. This week he gets a huge opportunity as he faces Bryan Williams for the Casino Championship!





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