NBW Presents: NBW LIVE! #PokemonGO and Greet!

ST. LOUIS, MO – With the ‘must catch them all’ craze in full swing courtesy of PokémonGO, everyone and their neighbors are out and about trying to collect the strongest and rarest Pokémon possible. From the beaches to the forests, and everywhere foot traffic is allowed, and even places it isn’t. The craze is so big that even celebrities and athletes are in on it.

NBW is no different, especially with three pokestops at or bordering The Epic II arena. Tuesday morning several of our superstars hit up social media and shared the news that they had spotted a Snorlax and Dragonite in the middle of the arena. This caused fans all around flocking to STL. Desperate to get in, but denied by security and locked doors on a non-event day.

Not looking to disappoint our fans, General Manager Jack Harmen swung the doors open and allowed the fans a rather unique and rare opportunity: Free access into the arena where they can catch their Pokemon all they like, while also getting an inside look at the wrestlers on-going training and going over maneuvers.

This of course turned into a impromptu Meet & Greet with superstars like The Entertainers, Brock Newbludd, SPARK, The Players, Zhalia Fears, Mariella Jade Flair, The RAF, Zed, Warren Spade, Rune, For The Win, ‘Little’ Ricky Strongbern, and several more including thirty of the men and women that make up the PULSE developmental brand.

However it wouldn’t be an NBW Meet & Greet without some action. So our fans that made the journey to catch them all were treated to a rather impromptu live event!

Read on for the full Recap and Results!

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