PSA: Rather Important & Efed Owners and Handlers Should Read!

First off, excuse the mess here. EWZine will be back at full capacity soon. Just started a new job and getting use to those hours and managing my time when off. I just wanted to get this posted somewhere and get eyes on it.

For those unaware Google announced a few months ago their intent on making Chrome browser start showing sites that accepted login information but not protected by SSL, as UNSECURE or unsafe. This can be confusing to a casual visitor or non-tech savvy visitor. But it’s a big jump in securing the rather overloaded malware infested internet. Chrome has implemented this slowly but come the 31st it should be fully invested into.

Today Mozilla Firefox announced the addition on their own browsers official releases, with a date not yet set.

Here’s the thing that you need to know.

  • EFeds that run on free forum/message boards, should not see an impact at least on the more popular software domains, as they should be, if not already, secured with SSL.
  • EFeds that run off their own domains and manage their sites such as through WordPress, will want to look into this. Keep in mind WordPress login and forums like SMF/VB are still unsecure and will prompt the notice in the browser.

What can you do?

  • Actually, quite a bit. SSL isn’t exactly cheap… but there are now SSL plans out there that can come at no cost, such as with purchase of a new domain at some places. There is also the newly adapted Let’s Encrypt SSL. Something I’m learning a lot about at my new job, as servers are being configured for it. It’s a free SSL/TLS. And you know, FREE is good. Especially in our hobby where nobody really wants to spend money on anything!
  • Other alternatives exist as well.  Both paid and free. Talk to your Web Host today!

Why is this really important?

  • Trust me. With as many websites on the web that are phishing other websites, and causing drive-by malware to download upon pageload, it offers a peace of mind to see that Green Lock in place, marking the site as secure.
  • Google, and likely Mozilla, are going to make it quite obvious when a site isn’t secure and listing it as DANGEROUS is one of those methods being put into production. (although requirements for this label isn’t quite known.)

Hope this helps!

See you all soon with the Re-Launch.




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