4CW South Beach Brawl Results

South Beach Brawl
April 26th, 2017
BayFront Park
Miami, FL
Full Show


Keegan Ryan def. Rich E. Rich

Kasimir Novikov def. Cliff White

Lil’ Boeing def. Trace Lando

Niobe Martin def. Sydney Riddle

Keaton Saint def. Kiba Bunson


Fate Championship
Alexis Morrison def. Tara Davidson

Mariano Fernandez def. Lord Raab & Scott Stevens

Jason Cashe def. Nirvana

Extreme Championship
Taipei Deathmatch
Viduus Morta def. Sativa Nevaeh

Last Man Standing Street Fight
Dakota Smith def. Cyrus Riddle

I Quit Match
Adrian Tanner def. Johnny Evil

Jett Wilder def. Persephone Marquis

Pride Championship
Bryan Williams def. Matthias Barrows

4CW Championship
Bronx Valescence def. Elijah Carlson

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