NBW Presents: SLAM! Ep 91 – Welcome to a NEW NBW

Istanbul – Well what a turn we have had folks! Just weeks past our 25 to Life event, and spirits are at an all time high! Why? Well let’s start off with the fact that we have a NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion. A seven foot monster, friendly as can be, rather than that grumpy cat Derecho. Warren Spade is your champion. And as was promised, pinky sweared that is, his first defense happens tonight against his friend E.Z. Blaze. It’ll definitely be something to see.

At 25L we also saw the Keystone Championship change hands when Max Hopper became its guardian. Tonight will be his first defense of the championship, any championship in NBW that is. Of course on the other side of that coin we have the In Crowd who managed to retain their Dynasty Tag Team Titles and the Blitzkrieg title. You can bet that we’ll hear all about that tonight!

25 to Life was quite the event and saw the return of some familiar faces, and some new ones as well. Of course that momentum continues forward tonight as NBW comes to you live from Istanbul for a special three hour episode of SLAM. The perfect way to kick off the next leg of our World Tour, on route to Dubai for Scorched! So head on over and check out the Stream today!

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