Armbar Error Society: Welcome to Game Based eFedding at it’s Best

I’ve seen eFeds that do their shows via video game systems before. There is nothing new about it at all. Since No Mercy debuted, people have been creating their own stories. With the boom of the internet and the increasing ability to transfer the videos of gameplay becoming easier, these types of feds have steadily had their place in the eWrestling world. But until today, I never really looked at them as something that could be apart of a movement.

I was wrong.

Armbar Error Society is a community built around these types of feds. Take all of that in, there are a collection of video game based feds that work together as a community.

The site itself, found at, was founded in February of 2011. However, the feds came together from various boards such as They all came together to build what I found to be just an awesome site with an unique experience.

How it works, is fed heads set up their own eFeds on whatever game platform that they want to. It seems that No Mercy and WWE ’13 are the popular ones right now. They compose their shows and submit them to the site admin who in turn uploads them to the AES YouTube page at The main site is mostly to link you to features they have and for show streaming. Other than that, you can find the feds themselves on the community boards.

The little interaction I’ve had today with them has been all positive, these guys are top notch OOC wise. The few video clips I watched where very entertaining. I have become a fan of the Masked Mango in Casino Nights Wrestling already. His introduction video was great.

Look, it’s as simple as this. You need to step out of your comfort zone and check these guys out. Hate reading results? Problem solved. Expect me to talk about these guys a lot more in the future as I instantly became a fan from the moment I saw the site. Seriously, check them out now. Stop in on their boards and say hi. They’ll welcome you.

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