Side by Side: Mike Polowy

I had a few days off and come back to find Ben has interview Mike Polowy. I love Ben’s interviews, as does everyone. But was a bit confused why Mike got a second interview. Ben broke it down that the first Polowy interview happened when he was running the eWrestling Bog. Fair enough. I thought it would be a good time to do a side by side comparison of the interviews.

Mike’s first interview can be found at and was done in August of 2012 for the eWrestling blog. His second is at and was done on March 20th of 2013.

What I will do is take the questions that were the same between both interviews and break down my opinion about them and see how much really someone’s perspective can change in just 7 months in eWrestling. I’d suggest opening up both interviews in tabs so you can easily click through between them while reading.


OK, thanks for agreeing to spend some time with me today Let’s go ahead and begin. For those who may not be sure, who are you and what may they have known you from in eW?

Both answers were about the same. Mike didn’t change anything up really and as basic as the question is, he gave the same answer.


What are some notable, or not so notable, eFeds that you have been in over the years?

Once again, about the same answer which is good, shows consistency in historic questions.


When did you first discover eW? Tell us the story of how that came about.

Mike is three for three on keeping it the same. Starting to wonder if we should just hide one of the interviews.


With your time in the hobby, have you ever brought in someone new? Maybe a friend, a cousin, a girlfriend even?

Mike expanded a bit on the second question, but kept things the same. Historically, he is right on.


In your time in eWrestling, who are some other of your favorite people, that you have worked with?

Here’s where things begin to get a little different. I felt at this point, mike’s first interview was a bit more non theatrical as he seemed to really think about it and give us some detailed answers where his second was short, and really HOW related. Note that he said Chance Von Crank in his first interview.


Are there any handlers that you have never had the chance to work with that you wish you could?

About the same but noticeably Doozer is left off of the new list, a person he had stated he would feel bad for not mentioning.


How about handlers/characters that have rubbed you the wrong way? Anyone you just can’t stand?

Mike’s second interview he left off Bishop Steele, but expanded. Which is fine as it just means he remembered more. I also feel he wanted this interview for this specific question just to get a rise. Here is where he says Chance Von Crank in the second interview, someone who just in August he had mentioned he enjoyed working with.


What is your overall feel of eWrestling right now? Some people say it’s fading, where do you stand?

The first interview felt more true, and even though they stayed along the same lines, I felt Mike tried too hard in his second interview to give answers he would get a reaction from.


What are some of your favorite angles or storylines that you have been involved with?

The first interview had one extra addition but stayed the same more or less.


Is there anything you’ve done that you look back on and wonder why you did it in the first place?



A lot of people consider you to be one of the best role-play handlers in the game, how does that make you feel when you see someone say that? What level do you feel you are on?

Both the same answer really, but Mike’s second interview he once again stuck in the answers that almost felt forced to get a reaction.


When looking at an eFed, what do you consider a requirement for the eFed to be considered “good” or “great”?

Mike’s first answer was spot on. Although he still plugged HOW being the fed to emulate, he was more sincere and real with his answer.



As you can see, Mike kept many of his answers the same which makes me side with only one interview per person unless at least a year or two has passed between. Reading both interviews carefully, I feel Mike wanted to do the second really to plug HOW as much as possible and come off more as a character than himself. I enjoy Mike’s work, however I feel his second interview was done more for the purpose of being controversial. We get it, there is some weird stuff going between the handlers of HOW and DEFIANCE, however I feel when you do an interview for a site like this, you should cut all that BS aside and use your knowledge of the game to help educate.

Please also, if you do an interview with Ben. be yourself 100%. Remember, this wont further any storylines and should be used as a platform to take jabs at others. Side by side it looks like a great part of Mike is sincere, but there’s the character part of him, which may be an extension of himself, that didn’t seperate when writing.

There you have it, my quick side by side comparison of the interviews with Mike Polowy.


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