eWrestling Is Not Terrible

My name is Craig Thompson and this is my first column on ewspot.com. I’m currently caretaker of Full Intensity Wrestling, which recently hit its 10 year anniversary of uninterrupted shows, and participating as Hal Moore (an evolution of the above Clay ‘Chainsaw’ Krueger). I’ve been a member of Neo Gothic Industrial Wrestling, New World Wrestling and ran Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling last year. I should point out that this may be my only column on ewspot because I’m about to contradict a fellow contributor, that being Matt ‘The Doctor’.

Matt posted a couple of days ago that eWrestling is Terrible and presented an argument supporting that theory, namely that eWrestling has become stagnant. There are no modern ideas, no interesting notions. He talks of boring characters, half-assed roleplays and makes some startling generalisations combined with unachievable goals of compelling the entire eWrestling community.

I’m sorry Matt, but it’s just not going to happen and more than that, nor is eWrestling in such a desperate state. eWrestling is far from terrible, a point hit on the head by AES_ColeScorpio who replied to the original column. Real imagination does exist and there’s a lot of enjoyment to be found. If there weren’t, then eWrestling wouldn’t exist and be such a popular hobby. There are a lot of very good feds out there who offer something special, being familiar with Full Intensity Wrestling, I’ll use our fed as an example.

The characters are a diverse bunch. There’s a cast of reality TV models being trained to wrestle, a Russian despot, a deluded Luchadore, a former gang member turned on his cruel mentor, a morally ambiguous ex-convict, a family of hillbillies, a legend brought back out of retirement much to his chagrin and a demented artist. I don’t find any of them bland, each have their own personality and each their own voice. Booking does what booking should, make sense and builds to the big pay-per-view fights. Recently a series was held to determine the number one contender to the vacant Dual Crown Championship. This was done on a points basis, creating competition and wider issues to roleplay about. One of the many ideas dismissed for this purpose was to name the entire roster the new Dual Crown Champion and then hold matches where as losses take place, they lose their claim to the DC until there is one. While it wasn’t used, it is evidence that there are ideas out there which are outside the box and unusual.

There are very few true unique ideas anymore. Even if you think you have a unique character, I can guarantee that there is something out there in the world of entertainment that shows similarities and somebody will make the connection. That’s one of the reason’s Matt’s goal of introducing something accessible entertaining and ever-evolving is flawed. I consider myself a fairly creative guy but what can I think up in Preston, Lancashire in my front room during an evening after work that billion dollar companies such as WWE or Hollywood script writers who devote all their time can’t come up with?

I’m not going to say that Matt is completely wrong. There are elements of lack creativity. Austin vs. McMahon changed the real wrestling business but spawned some sad eWrestling storylines. I recall arriving in UECW and the first thing I got was a PM from the World Champion demanding my new GM character be the heel to his rebellious face. A storyline he’d previously run with whoever was running the fed before I arrived and I have to say has since moved to another fed where he’s running… guess what? Yep, same exact storyline. Only now he doesn’t see the irony when he reels off the list of authority figures his character has fought. It’s not a legacy or a history, it’s purely evidence of his own blinkered outlook.

I maintain that eWrestling is not in such a poor state. I can reel off a several names of feds that I’d highly recommend for anybody depending on what you’re looking for, a lot of which advertise with ewspot. As far as I’m concerned, good feds are the majority because bad feds quickly die out. Good characters develop from bad ones, good storylines develop from bad ones too.

What I will say is that I am really looking forward to what Matt suggests can be done to ‘fix’ the eWrestling community. The first of which I hope will be to bring the community together as I do agree with Matt that the ‘community’ exists very separately.

I’m happy to discuss all things eWrestling or any other topics, I’m on AIM/YIM as craigkrueger@ymail.com or Twitter as HalMooreFIW.

Thanks for reading, Craig


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