Less is Not More in eWrestling and Other Opinions About Fedheads

I was worried about not being able to come up with a topic for my opinion piece today after being sick for the last week and staying offline. But after cruising my normal spots I found something that got me to thinking. An eFed released a new design today literally is only one page with links only to their recent results and result achieve.  Keep in mind they said in their post about it that this is just a rough draft and I expect it to grow a little, but I have an issue with things like this. Of course if I didn’t have an opinion, then what would be the point of an opinion piece?

Please also note that while writing this I am going back and forward between several different eFeds and may touch base on topics in a random way. I apologize, but for some reason I am just fired up about this today.

In eWrestling, less is not more.

What is the first thing that goes through your head when you arrive at an eFed website that has no dates on post? At first glance for me, I wonder if I should bother continuing looking at the site. Is the eFed open? Is it closed? When was the last update? This is a scary trend that not only effects the eFed in question, but a few others.

Now, I can see where not having a date doesn’t hold you to a strict deadline. But you must consider what the outsider looking in is thinking when they come across your product. At least two eFeds that don’t have dates on their articles or even shows, I have to guess if the latest show I am reading is from this week, or three months ago.

As for the rest of the content fitting to one page, and possibly in the future connecting to the bio pages and displaying (hopefully) more news, how can a fed head expect to gain new handlers? The goal of a fed head is to not only just open an eFed out and delegate writing responsibilities to get shows out, but to put actual work in. There is a reason why not everyone is cut out to be a fedhead, it is because to be a successful one, as well as earn respect from outsiders looking in and new handlers, you must do more than those in your eFed.

Anyone can book angles and shows, and then compile them into results. Hell, in angle feds the fedhead doesn’t even have to do this part; the roster can work together to make this happen. No, it is your responsibility to do the extra stuff that once you get past being a handler or base staff member that must be done.

The website of an eFed must flourish in content and show visible signs that someone gives a damn about making sure it is up to date. I’m not saying that a single page that host the cards, results, and roster won’t work. But you need to pump new content in to make the site fresh and let others know your eFed is still kicking. This is where the dates come in. They are more valuable then some realize as this is what the first thing someone looks for, when was the last news or site update posted.

Yes, you have forums in which only the roster has access to, but if you opt to have a website shouldn’t you utilize it for what it is meant to be? A tool to gain new interest in your product. This is where that work comes in again. News post and other minor updates can make a huge difference in the overall look. When you have a stale page with no updates, and your primary job is to just make sure a card is booked and results are compiled right, you really aren’t doing much. At least not in my opinion.

Do the things I talked about above, as well as get out there and advertise. The eFed in question does have a public fan forum on a community site, but there hasn’t been a post since early March. Where is the fed head interacting with people of the community? Where are the public updates of where the fed stands currently? If your shows are not posted on particular dates, you need to put the extra effort in to make it visible to everyone that you are still open, working on stuff, and would love for new handlers to give you a go? Reputation due to history of an eFed can only go so far.

Maybe I am straying from the original concept of this article, but that is OK. I want to touch base really on what it means to be a fedhead. This is a thankless job in which fedheads who do it right don’t get enough credit. Now, I use the term job, but I know this is a hobby.  There’s no need to comment about the usage of terms. I say job as in the responsibility that goes along with being a fedhead.

Let me break it down. I believe I have before, or maybe Ben has. But here is my opinion of an outline to the different roles people have in eWrestling.:



  • Role-play or post segments when scheduled meeting deadlines.
  • If you need time off, let the fedhead know as far in advance as possible.
  • Contribute to the OOC atmosphere when time permits.



  • Typically also a handler with the same roles and obligations.
  • Write Matches when scheduled to, meeting deadlines set.
  • Make sure match writing format meets the standard set for the eFed



  • Could be also a handler and/or match writer with the same roles and obligations.
  • Help maintain the site as per the fedhead’s requirements for you being on the staff.
  • Communicate with both handlers and the fedhead on a regular basis, typically being the first line of defense between BS and drama.



  • Shares the same roles and obligations as all previously mentioned.
  • Responsible to make sure staff (if present) have a guideline of what is expected and that they are meeting their obligations.
  • Responsible for advertising the eFed on various platforms and/or delegating a staff member to do so, not relying fully on said staff member.
    • This includes card previews and result announcements on community forums, link exchanges, general news post on other sites, and over all hyping your eFed to anyone who will listen.
  • Responsible for keeping the website and news post updated frequently and/or delegating a staff member to do so, not relying fully on said staff member.
  • Book core cards and angles, making sure to be unbiased as well as take into consideration those whom put effort in to move them up through the cards.
  • Compile the results, making sure the format is consistent and flows well. This may be delegated to a staff member, but should have the fedhead’s final approval.
  • Judging role-plays or other winning factors in a 100% unbiased fashion.
  • Making sure to offer members and visitors the best website experience possible in order to retain and attract handlers.
  • Any written work a fedhead does should always be on par with or more/better than that the handlers do.
    • IE: 3000k word RPs should never be met with a 1k word match.
    • If the handlers all max out with a lot of work putting into role-plays, they should not get just a few lines for matches. You’d be amazed how often I see this.
  • Work to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently in a private, mature, matter.
  • Actively promote your eFed, knowing your actions outside of it can reflect how others see your product as a whole.
  • Do your best to meet deadlines set.
    • If your roster has a deadline for role-plays, segments, and matches, is it fair to not deliver your end in a timely fashion and by deadline? No, you should do your best to live to the same if not better standards set for your roster at all times.
  • Lead by example.
  • Keep the eFed going as strong as possible.
  • Know when the eFed is no longer delivering what it should, and either fix that or shut it down.
  • Not let assholes with opinions like me make you change something that makes you unhappy.
    • Seriously, these are all opinions and suggestions. Maybe some will work well for you, maybe they wont. In the end it is up to you to make sure you are doing something you enjoy.

As you can see by the above points, the further up you move in an eFed the more responsibilities you have. Yes, this is a hobby we all partake in to have fun. Some people are wired differently and enjoy different things.

Take me for example, I do not enjoy handling. I enjoy the organization and promotion portion of eWrestling in which I put forth here at ewspot. I believe if I were to take part in an actual eFed, I would need to be a fedhead or lead staff. I would have fun doing that. There are others like me out there, and they are the ones who should run eFeds and be staff.

Then there are those who sole enjoyment is handling a character. They just like to write role-plays and/or segments. These people should just do what they enjoy and not worry about the other stuff as if they are in a well run eFed, they will not need to. I even know people who love the hell out of writing matches. That’s what they enjoy, and they make up the match writers portion in eWrestling.

But if you are a fedhead, you need to enjoy doing all of that plus a lot more. If you don’t enjoy it, or don’t put the time and work in required, then maybe you aren’t as cut out for the job as you thought you were. It’s not to say it is completely your fault. A lot of people have great intentions, but as we grow older, life interjects more. We have families and jobs that take precedent over our hobbies. Things happen, that’s when you must really look deep into it and consider that maybe you should pass the torch to someone who can handle the work load or close things up. Not to say you can’t come back when life gets more stable, but as a fedhead you have a responsibility to those who put their trust in you to be the lead man/woman in the hobby they enjoy so much.

I hope you read this entire opinion piece, and I hope it makes sense, I really do. I know I touched on many things, but I felt like I needed to get this stuff out. Remember, as always you can leave your comments in the box below. Whether you agree or disagree, we would love to hear from you! We also accept guest opinion pieces, so feel free tow rite a counter or another outlook.


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