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My name is Craig Thompson and this is my second column here on In my first column I discussed my reaction to Matthew Jessop’s column, Why eWrestling is Terrible and much like Matt, I’m postponing my intended subject to react to his latest column; eFed Myopia is Terrible.

Matt talks of cooperation between e-feds and explained a story about a fed I assume he participates in, the Armbar Error Society and a planned interpromotional event called National eWrestling Day. Sadly the event never took off, never received any word back from the feds targeted and it became a failed enterprise. I note a familiarity in his tale of responses, where fed-leaders offered excuses of distrust. A quote from Matt is: Some said that they didn’t want to participate in something that wasn’t “theirs”.

I can’t help but sympathise, on both sides.

Full Intensity Wrestling has a long-standing relationship with Neo Gothic Industrial Wrestling, which found at and NGIW doesn’t get half the credit it deserves. Minister Wighty aka Wightraven aka Eric J. Chucci is one of the most creative people I’ve ever ‘met’. Not only has he established NGIW as a fantastic place to roleplay in but he has penned several novels as the creator of Colt Regan: Demon Hunter. Four books so far in fact, all found at Amazon.

NGIW opened in 2003, much like FIW and three times we have come together for Black & White, an interpromotional PPV. The first, back in the mid-2000’s was highlighted by future FIW GM Jack Manson being abused with some anal beads (welcome to NGIW) in an open battle royal, the 2011 edition saw not only the retirement of NGIW Hall of Famer Nightmare but an awesome tag team triple threat match featuring [R], Black Feather Orchestra and The l33t.

Sadly the 2012 edition was never posted due to issues of laziness or miscommunication but my story centres around the 2011 edition and will allow you to understand just why I sympathise from both sides.

In 2011 my character Clay ‘Chainsaw’ Krueger, seen above in poster form, led FIW as its Dual Crown Champion. To allow you some insight into how highly I view NGIW, immediately following dropping the Dual Crown strap Clay would join NGIW as Edwin Drood and enter what I consider a personal highlight in a feud with Mjölnir’s character Joe Stanton.

The aforementioned NGIW Hall of Famer Nightmare was due to challenge for the NGIW Championship only weeks previous to Black & White. Nightmare’s handler William James had approached me about a retirement match and I was set on fulfilling that commitment. Sadly my own ego managed to convince me that participating in this retirement match wasn’t enough, it had to be FIW Dual Crown Champion vs. NGIW Champion. I made a vow that Clay would only compete in the Black & White event if I had my own way, if Nightmare didn’t become NGIW Champion then I’d back out because ‘it wasn’t worth it’. Yes, those words did actually come from my memory to the page.

It’s why I sympathise with people who are wary of joining in interpromotional activities. I put a lot of work into Clay Krueger, on a daily basis. I care about the fictional guy, I want the best for him. If I wasn’t spending my spare tiome writing roleplays or writing matches then I was creating, putting little plans in place to gain the best experience out of eWrestling. I was happy to participate in Black & White but on my terms, against an opponent I wanted, in a match I wanted. Didn’t I deserve that? Maybe, maybe not. If I’d followed Matt’s guide then I’d have got stuck in but at the expense of my own demands. Considering all the work I put in, am I not entitled to pick and choose what matches my character participates in?

Consider an actor on a television drama or soap opera. The writers come up with a storyline where he becomes a paedophile or some similarly humiliating scenario (for the actor). Is he not entitled to refuse? Or at least air his concerns?

Admittedly, it’s a grey area.

Now looking at it with a fed-head hat on, you can understand their arguments. Every fed has a schedule, be it weekly, bi-weekly etc. Throwing in another big show potentially disrupts that rhythm. I’d say the majority of feds plan well ahead in advance, using FIW as an example we have a fair idea of what will happen two months in advance at the next pay-per-view. Building in another big show can mess with those plans, especially if you have key storylines taking place. For example you’re running a storyline where a champion gets put out of action by a would-be challenger, potentially you could have that character wanting to appear at this interpromotional event making the storyline look weak.

Other issues include the body of work, as a match writer myself I am aware that it’s often a thankless task. An additional show means additional matches being written, assuming the results are to be written rather than submitted via video or another means. A fed-head is in control of their efed, that’s how it works. If I choose to be under the leadership of, and I apologise for using FIW as an example again, Ashley Cooper it’s because I trust him to improve my experience of this hobby. Ash has led New World Wrestling extremely successfully in the past and is another one of the real creative minds I’ve come across. In an interpromotional situation, his control is diluted and that’s where the insecurity lies. I trust and support Ash but in a situation where he’s one of six fed-heads voicing their opinions, I can’t be sure how well he’ll be heard. That leads to match results, which is a thorny issue anyway. A style of roleplaying often differs, for example many feds have a system where you must reply to a thread created by admins instead of an open RP forum. My style is often tailored to my fed-head consciously or subconsciously, certainly not to five others.

Following that there’s the fallout, how complaints are handled. All of these issues could easily come to the fore and that’s exactly why there is reluctance to participate. Say I lose a match I felt I deserved to win, I feel mistreated and want to start a discussion on why but this is after the fact, hardly likely to receive attention and thus when the next interpromotional event takes place I’ve decided to take no part due to my experience. It’s of course a “What if” but it’s this kind of “What if” which leads to bad feelings created.

The final red flag would be failure. As mentioned by Matt and the National eWrestling Day, that venture never got off the ground for the reasons discussed in his article. Failure of a joint enterprise is only going to put people off attempting something similar when the hear about it.

It’s not to say that there aren’t benefits to an interpromotional event. First on my list would be a membership drive. While there are risks in introducing your own members to new feds, being part of a successful event certainly enhances a reputation. It’s something to point to and shout from the rooftops on sites like EWSpot and Roughkut, as evidence of the progressive nature of the fed. It could become an annual highlight if it goes well.

Sadly my last comments are regarding this year’s Black & White event. Inspired by Matt’s column I contacted Minister Wighty mentioned above about organising this year’s event, setting it in diaries and offering to take the writing duties in a similar style to which I produce weekly for FIW, which I consider ‘short results’ or highlights. Wighty rejected my proposal, citing current issues internal to NGIW.  As a result Black & White may not go ahead this year of at least not with NGIW involvement, which would be a great shame.

I’ll keep everybody appraised on how developments come.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to contact me on (YIM/AIM) or @HalMooreFIW on Twitter.

Craig Thompson


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