The Block: Writer’s block

So here you are, sitting at your comp, staring at the screen and your brain literally makes a ‘pop‘ noise and it scares you, but at the same time it amazes you. Even through the utter amazement of your brain making a popping noise and wondering if you’re going to die, still you can’t seem to start the mother fucking RP!

This is writer’s block. And it’s going to slowly kill you.

Let’s first go over what writer’s block is not:

It’s not burn-out.. burn out is when you are forcing yourself to do something you really, REALLY fucking don’t want to do anymore. Burn out is being only physically there, but your brain is outside climbing a tree, or a girl, or a boy or whatever you crazy gen-x’r are into these days.

It’s also not a brain fart. That’s when you had something in mind, but it went up in a pungent cloud of smoke.

Writer’s block is when you really want to contribute, or you’re being paid to contribute and you just can’t think of anything to do.

What IS Writer’s block?

Good god almighty in pudding, there’s a Wiki! Let’s see what our God of all omnipotent knowledge has to say:

In short, it’s a mental block that prevents you from unleashing your awesome all over some punk‘s face!

This can be caused by an endless array of circumstances. Maybe you had something affect your mind, like a tragedy or loss. The block can also come from something good, like maybe your life was changed by winning the lotto? Maybe it was physical when somebody beat your brains out of your nose with a bat.. that has been known to cause a slight pause in writing.

What drives a good writer comes from within and when your mental status changes, most likely your work will suffer.

But my money says most of the time, you just lost interest in what you’re doing and you have no motivation because you’re not inspired to write.

I say this can be fixed.

First step is only write when you feel like writing. This is close to impossible if you’re being paid, but in ewrestling you can choose to be booked when you have something to write about.

If you really want to be booked each week, there a simple way to get inspiration.. the scary part is it involves leaving your comfortable, stiff, hard, computer chair and leaving the fucking basement sometimes.

I would say that the best inspiration comes from life experience, but I’d be making that shit up. It sounds great tho, doesn’t it? Makes a lot of sense. I do know that a lot of great writings did actually come from things they experience. So basically, the idea is leave your home, hang out with humans, look at trees, watch people interact and I am willing to bet that you will be inspired to write about these things.

In other words, take the blinders off. Look at the world that we have been given to enjoy. And all that hippy crap.

Next, your best bet is do a lot of reading. All of the great writers say that they do a LOT of reading. At least I know Steven King said that once. He writes a lot of god damn books. But he also says he reads a lot.

Personally, I don’t do a lot of reading. I pretty much hate reading things. But then I’m not a great writer.

My last piece of advice is to stop thinking so hard about something. I hear a lot of people say to carry around a notepad when you travel so you can log all of your ideas and this is a great piece of advice! You have ideas all day long and you lose ideas all day long, never to be heard from again. Why not log all of them?

That’s all I really got tonight. Very hard to write when you’re drunk.


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Original posting date February 6th, 2010
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