Promoting your eFed Part 1-4


Today we’ll cover how to promote you fed. There are amazingly many ways to properly advertise your fed. Search engines are good there are many Internet sites that have multiple submission to search engines, one of them being You can also do a search for “free webpage tools” or “free site stuff”- and so on. Most of these searches have revealed many free multiple search engine submission links.

Adding META tags to the HEAD of your HTML script in specific ways can increase visits to your site. META tag generators can be found at and, you can also do a search for them, they’re everywhere. Some effective ways to sort your keywords in the META tags can be putting the main keywords five or six times on the main page of your site. Such as: If you have the words “efed, e-fed, e-wrestling” in your META tags you want to additionally put them five or six times in the content on the MAIN page of your e-fed.

As some of the seasoned fed promoters know, making your e-fed well known is a hard- almost impossible task if you aren’t willing to work HARD daily. I cannot stress this enough- a well designed and maintained fed does most of the selling work itself! If you have a horrid site design or a thousand typos and big stupid images people will not even bother to look at your site. I am not just making this up, if your site loads slow with 100 UN-important images for you, how do you think potential members will feel? Now, I’m not saying your site has to look superb and have all the latest script trends but it MUST look neat atleast and maybe something to catch the visitor’s attention. I think it’s time to cover the Dirty tricks some fed promoters do.

Dirty tricks fed-heads use

That usually don’t work…

  • Using other people’s characters:

This pissed me off when one day I was visiting E-feds around the web, I saw a person that I used to be in a fed with and I noticed a few familiar E-wrestling names. I went to his role-play board and low and behold there was my E-wrestler: HardKore- posting away with old role-plays I did months ago. He had about 5-6 other people doing the same thing. His fed didn’t last to long after I UN-covered his scheme.

  • Using members that don’t exist:

The second thing that pisses me off is to see fed-heads make up totally bogus wrestlers and place them on the champs list and roster. I’ve seen this plenty of times. It shows more when there is NO action on the R-P board.

  • Claiming to be the best:

It’s fine (I guess) to advertise your feds on news groups such as RSPWF and ADWEF but I see this ALL the time. “Come JOIN MY FED APW, WE HAVE THE BEST CARD AND THE BEST DESIGN AND WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST ON THE NET!!! Then, you visit and see a disaster area with more bad spellings then a one handed retard.

How many times have you seen a fed posted a millions times on newsgroups. It makes you want to visit just to see what the fuss is, luckily I got over that.

  • Posting on other people’s role-play boards:

I don’t know why people do this (well, I do) but all it does is cause trouble for your fed. People see a link to your fed on their R-P board then they go bomb it with images and text until it takes forever to load or shuts your (WebTV) off. It irritates and screws up computers as well. Feds DO NOT want to see a link to some other fed on their board!

Proper ways to advertise a fed

  • DO YOUR BEST AND WORK HARD, the work will always show for itself and get you members.
  • Ask your friends, first, this is very effective.
  • Post (moderately) on newsgroups.
  • Ask other fed-heads to link your fed
  • Join E-wrestling webrings, there’s one I know of ( or
  • Join TOP 100 or 1000 or whatever sites. If you can’t get your members to click you to the top, spend a day or two doing it yourself! (Just ask your members and friends)
  • Put META tags on your HTML and join search engines.
  • Never give up if you want to do it!
  • Never stop learning, you’ll never know everything there is to know.
  • Keep up with other feds, don’t steal ideas but don’t lag behind with new ideas.

That about covers the basics. I wish you all good luck, later.


eWrestling has grown a great deal since my first essay on “Promoting your eFed”. Let’s call this “part two”. This is for the more experienced fed head.

Let’s say you’ve designed yourself a pretty spiffy fed and you’ve got all the basics down and it looks damn good if you don’t say so yourself. One problem….

You got Poser 5 and Flash 24 and the best new software your mommy and daddy could buy and still no one wants to join your eFed! What a dilemma. Why, (you ask yourself)?
Before I give you the answer, ask yourself something. Why did you open the fed? Do you have something to prove? Do you feel the need to run something? If, so you will never win. EWrestling is a game, nothing more. It’s not a sport and it’s not some exclusive club, it’s just a very complicated game that people get addicted to and think its some kind of “way of life”. Yes, we are wrestling’s version of “Magic The Gathering”. In some ways, we are worse than those nerds. We role-play about Professional Wrestling. We fantasize about living the lives of Wrestlers. Does that sound COOL in any way to you? Try saying that sentence out loud and then ask yourself again. We are pretending to be f’n WRESTLERS online! So think about why you are doing this before you continue. Ok? Ok.
Do you realize how many eFeds are out there? Why should anyone join yours over the thousands of feds on the net? What makes your eFed unique? In other words, would YOU join your eFed if you were a visitor? Be honest.
So how do you get members? Here are a few tips:

· Trick newbies from Wrestling Chat rooms into checking out your eFed.

If you talk slick enough, this can get you a league full of talent less rookies. Some newbies tend to be captivated by the thought of acting like their favorite wrestler. They usually join “Real Feds” where they can be Jericho or Bob Holly or whatever. I notice a lot of newbies also respond better to being able to create their own Wrestling figure. So those guys will join any eFed they catch a glimpse of. You have to move quickly on these guys, because once they learn the ropes, they will leave you high and dry and join better and more popular feds. Trust me.
That also doesn’t mean go from Chat room to Chat room bugging people to visit your website. You should spend time and have discussions about whatever topics are popular that day. Then ask people CASUALLY have they ever seen an “eFed”. When they answer no, then you can attack! Or if they say yes, “eFeds are dumb”. Then you can fire back with: “It’s just a game like anything else, it’s really fun to me and it shows off how creative you can be!” Here’s a good question that will stun them: “You like wrestling, right? An eFed is set up exactly that same way, you just don’t hurt yourself!”.

· Participate in forums, make friends. Make CONTACTS.

No established eWrestler will join a new eFed run by a stranger. There are far too many better choices out there. I don’t care how good your fed looks to you, unless it can give visitors free blow jobs, then it wont sell. You have to be active in the eWrestling community. It doesn’t matter where as long as there is action where you choose to call home. There are plenty of websites where you can make a name for yourself. is one of them.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean post two postings at some forum and expect people to flock to your eFed. Myself included, Websites HATE people advertising Efeds on their forums, unless there is a special advertising forum. We also don’t like people to post once or twice and disappear. Become an active member, offer help, create innovative ideas and topics. THINK BEFORE YOU POST! Or it will backfire and people will treat you like a red-headed step child. Don’t start flame wars, they are never popular. Most importantly: BE YOUR SELF. Lurk, read some posts. Study what is popular and what is not. It’s just like High School. Would you jump on the lunch table and scream “JOIN MY CLUB! ITS THE BEST EVER!!”? No, you would make fun of that person wouldn’t you? I hope that puts it in better perspective. When you become a fed whore, you may as well jump on the table and be a nerd.

· Use an EFED HOST. Not

Using popular eFed hosts will often assure you a following. Hell, most of the ones I see have the Roster full before the f’n Fed even opens! They are not hard to find. Follow some RoughKut links. Make nice with the owner of a host and make sure your fed is up to code. Most eFed hosts will not host your fed if it looks like a piece of ****.
Don’t BUG the eFed host! He can pick and choose whomever he wants because he’s doing it for free! Maybe you need to work on your design or come up with a creative concept. The hosts I know like  Cage Of Socks owner: Jamie and Project eFed owner: Brian, pick only the best feds to host. You can find their websites linked on Keep in mind, they don’t host hundreds of eFeds either.
You can also host a splash page that re-directs people to a Geocities website if the eFed host allows it. That’s a good way to gain exposure as well.

You might also want to know how some eFeds get so popular. Here’s my “opinions”, because there is no clear cut answer.

RoughKut Wrestling:

This fed gets on average, 2-6 people joining per week. The roster has 40 and has had well over 100 wrestlers since it re-opened 3 Months ago. Why? Because of RKW is what I call a “Big Fed” or “Big Boy”. Because of the popularity of, RKW is automatically popular.
RKW is RoughKut’s official eFed. Therefore, people judge the quality of and RKW equally.
Other websites in my opinion are successful because of the above reason or it’s design is so awesome and breathtaking that people assume the fed’s overall quality will be as good. It can be because of the eFed’s “Rep”. The fed could have been around for years and people know it’s not going anywhere. It could be because the owner is a well known name across the eWrestling community. Just keep in mind, ONE THING.
IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD A REP! Hell, it took me over 2 years to get where I am.
So there are some qualified tips to gain some attention to your eFed. Smile.
Do you have any suggestions? Send them to me! I’d be glad to add them to this essay! You’ll get full credit and a link to your efed.
From Ian, owner of TFWF (The link is on the 88×31 page)

One thing I specifically look for in the TFWF is originality, thereofre getting original characters is very important to us. My method is scowering the chat rooms on yahoo. The best rpers usually use their own name or kind of a querky name, names with WWE, WCW or ECW names in them tend to be real wrestling marks and will more thna likely have all the rping talent of a Bezerker vs Repo Man match (bit old school there). A querky name like Jimmy the Insane Clown fucker usually spells imagination and imagination is the key to getting a decent rper. Anyone who claims to be SCSA316 or anything like that will more than likely want to be this character in the long run if thats what you want then thats what you’ll get, but there is only one SCSA out there and thats not the guy on your rp board.

Other areas or other sites! Ook this might seem like a taboo, but generally most guys will happily rp at more than one fed, for example I know at least 4 T.F.W.F. wrestlers rp at and I am cool with that, usually decent rpers are more than happy to spread their wings in many feds because unlike the three line writing wonders, the decent rpers love the game so much they just can’t get enough of it.

So we have used yahoo, we have used other feds, but now were to, the answer wrestling form sites. Now many of these people are pretty much anti fedding merely concentrating on telling us the exciting incites in the real wrestling world, however not all their readers are in many cases they are completely oblivious to the e-fedding world. My main advice lies in this final source for finding fedders use untapped sources. Yahoo and general rping sites have lots of rpers and they all know about it, anything at all to do with wrestling on the web is great place to start like guestbooks on general sites just leave a note because there are many diamons in the rough out there and thats what you want for your fed.

Hope thats of more use roughkut



Ok, so I’ve dealt with promoting your efed, advertising your efed, building a good efed and recruiting members. You have a good group of members and your results are up on time- sometimes …But for some reason your fed just isn’t popular.

You want the fame, the glory and the respect of having not just a few loyal members, but the respect of people outside of your circle. Well, I’ll tell you a secret. It’s not a fancy design. It’s not even having results that look as if they were written by an Oscar winning film writer. It’s just one simple strategy that has proven to be a winner and its right under your nose.

Promotion is the first step. – Read this comprehensive guide on building a good eFed. – Add your efed to the RoughKut Database first. Also pay attention to the higher rated efeds and read!

Read all of the articles I supply about promoting your efed. – Go to the eWrestler Database and use this proposal to recruit those who are seeking an efed. Be sure to READ EACH PROFILE and DO NOT mass email people, ever. This will do the opposite of making you popular. It will make you hated.

Once you do all of the above, you should have at least a couple of good recruits after a while. It’s not going to happen overnight. Have some patience and be determined and your fed will have a good roster no matter how it looks. Let’s say a few weeks roll by. You’ve developed a healthy roster of 6-10 people and now you’re ready to show the world how great your fed is. Here are the steps; – Apply for news posting rights to as many websites that provide them. is now one of them. Do not just post garbage news, make it interesting. Don’t say: “CHECK OUT WHATS GOING IN THE DDWA BY CLICKING HERE!! On the RoughKut Forums, you are free to post news on the proper forum. News will appear on the front page of – Join the Kamp. (Or any other popular ewrestling website forums). It’s important to be a part of as many communities as you have time for. You do want to get the word out about your fed, right? Well, it takes work, pal. People ain’t just gonna flock to your eFed just because it’s open. There are thousands of eFed out there. – After you join the forums you can then post your upcoming events on the calendar.

When you join a forum or forums of your liking… Introduce yourself and let people know what you offer to eWrestling. Start REPLYING to topics with intelligent and well thought out responses. Don’t start making new topics until you are sure your topic has not been covered already. Don’t try and out-smart people and don’t join in on any flame wars or personal inside jokes. Do NOT fight back if someone attacks you for no reason, just laugh it off and continue your replying. When you are angry or on the defense you don’t think- period.

After a while, start offering to assist those who you feel are “regs” at that forum. Help out with anything you can. People like to be helped, but they don’t like people to kiss their asses either so pick your time and don’t be “Too Helpful”.

It’s very important to ask your members to join the same forums and follow your lead. The more people from your fed, the better. Make sure they follow the same rules. Your goal is getting the word out about your efed, not mobbing forums and looking like a net-gang.

After a while people will start noticing you’re alive and maybe even talking to you directly. It takes time. When you feel comfortable enough, put a good looking banner or link to your efed in your forum signature area. They all have them. Start casually bringing up your eFed in conversations. “I did the same thing in my eFed, etc”. or “Hey what do you think I should do in my next PPV, etc.” Use your people skills, do not whore your eFed out.

Also realize that there are people that are just naturally popular. They might be funny or smart or cool, this may not be you. That doesn’t mean that you CAN’T be popular, it just means you have to take a little more time and effort. If you are a nerd, odds are you know that you’re a nerd because people in school have told you so. Try not to be so nerdy on the net. Don’t be offensive, gross or start bragging about your bug collection and snot jars.

If you really want popularity for your efed, then you must know how to be patient. It took me 2 years to get to a popular point when I was starting out. It may take a little more or less time with you.


I read every freakin’ link on and I STILL can’t get members!

I have been getting different forms of that statement above, lately and I have only ONE MORE way to find members. This isn’t going to be a long drawn out essay, it’s going to be real simple. So strap on a seat belt, helmet, and get ready for a quick ride.

There are two things I recently discovered that you should realize first. I call them theories, because… well that’s what they are– theories. Just like the great Albert Einstein, they are small formulas that don’t even make a full sentence, but so profound that it can change the world of ewrestling!!!!!!!+1 Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes…

1: Repetition = Members.

Simply, if you keep contacting people using my last 3 promotion guides. Constantly hit wrestling chat rooms, forums, visit dead efed’s rosters and do it until your fingers turn blue you’ll get some members. That’s enough to get you started, but you don’t just want warm bodies to fill up a blank page do you? You want quality eventually, right? You don’t just want to read 6 line roleplays that consist of “IL KIK UR AZZZ BITCH!!!”. No, that’s not what you want.

2: Reputation = GOOD members.

Your reputation is the most important tool for having a successful efed. Your “rep” is what keeps your members loyal and happy and willing to help you out in a bind. Your reputation in online wrestling communities will be the main reason people will bother to check out your fed in the first place. If you want to have a popular efed, then you must create and protect your good reputation.

The first rule of getting a good rep is to BE SEEN! The more forums you belong to and the more posts you make, means the more accessible you are. It shows people that you are important and dependable.

The second rule is to ACT MATURELY. You might think your snappy sarcasm is cute, but the majority of prospective members will be turned off to you and your fed. Avoid bullsh*t flame wars and heated debates unless you have something intelligent to offer. It’s best to just avoid them if you’re trying to gain popularity.

The third rule is LISTEN TO THE MAJORITY! If the majority of people think you are funny, then you’re 9/10 funny. If the majority of people call you a douche bag then 9/10 it’s true. It’s NOT everyone else that’s wrong most of the time- it’s usually you. You learn a lot about yourself in high school. People tend to call you exactly what you are whether it be ugly, smart, nerdy, cute, and so on. It’s best to take heed to the masses in a community situation. You can easily lose your good stature if you think that “everyone is just stupid!”  That same everyone is who you are depending on to gain a good rep.

Gaining a reputation in the ewrestling world is something money cannot buy. It’s only something that can be earned with time and patience and let’s face it, most of you bums don’t have either. You want something right NOW! Well, it doesn’t work like that when you want quality. You can’t have both worlds. You have to actually participate on ewrestling related forums. This works on most pro wrestling related website forums too. That doesn’t mean sign up to some forums and post twice a year. It means BE SEEN. Make your presence known and don’t be a f’n jackass! Post intelligently and be a part of a few communities.

When prospective members see that you are well known and more importantly, dependable then they will want to join your efed. Now doesn’t that make sense? Of course it does.

  1. BE SEEN

Repetition = members – Reputation = GOOD members.

There’s one more formula for you newbie fed-heads out there. When you start an efed, BE ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE! Don’t open the 2895th (Xtreme Wrestling Federation!!!OMG!!!) I call these all “X feds”– jot that down.

Every silly “Pro Wrestling XTREME” and “World Wide Wrestling” are all “X feds”. Any fed with “Global” in the title created after the year 2005 is also an “X Fed” Sorry. Any fed with “Total” in the title period should be shot out back. These are all “X Feds”. So here’s your equation, your simple formula so you aren’t the next Internet joke…


Being a n00b is not a good thing!

Let’s now review a few places to approach possible members. So you can stop asking me in AIM.

Wrestling Chats: Anything relating to pro wrestling will get you some basic, newbies.

DEAD eFeds: This is a fairly new idea, but login or logon to some dead feds, the contacts are probably still working.

Current eFeds: This has caused some controversy on my “Stealing Members” essay, but if there are no rules against contacting members professionally and privately without “stealing them away”, it’s all fair game. Sorry. Many people like to be in more than one fed and it’s nothing wrong with contacting members in other feds. DON’T TELL THEM TO LEAVE THE FED JACKASS! Do not EVER sign up to someone’s forums and just poach and headhunt. It’s best practices to at least have permission and follow all rules and explain what you’re trying to accomplish and that you’re not trying to steal anyone away.

Adendu… amendmn… add… uh… Adding to this one, I’d like to include a point given to me by my forum member. Going after current efeds, while it may be fair game, it can also be seen as “telemarketing” and I have to concede here, nobody likes a f’n telemarketer. So use this at your own risk. And know that I personally wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t be angry if you did.

eWrestling forums: Sites like Join the forums. Follow the rules, there are plenty of people seeking efeds. Here is a quick list of other ewrestling related websites. Make sure you follow their rules too.


When you approach someone who may be seeking an efed. HAVE AN ANGLE READY MADE FOR THEM! Got it? Make sense? This will show that you scouted them and didn’t just pick them off a list. Make sure you are not being a jackass and whoring your fed, desperately trying to fill your roster. Your fed will not last.

Secrest, Out.

*This article posted courtesy of and was originally written over the course of 2009-2011 by Kut.*

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