PWX: Former World Champion Contract Expiring Soon? is reporting that current PWX Hall of Famer and 3 time former PWX World Champion, Brian Hollywood, is nearing the end of his current PWX deal. His current contract runs through August 31, 2013 which is coincidentally 10 days after August’s PPV, Death Before Dishonor.

It should be noted, that PWX officials have approached Hollywood on a new PWX deal. It is not known whether or not Hollywood has accepted the offer or not. It remains to be seen what kind of offer has been put in front of Hollywood but word going around is that the contract being offered has a whole lot of special terms attached to it.

No official comment has been made by either party yet, but for what it’s worth, Hollywood has been very cryptic as of late as seen on Adrenaline TV.

We will be sure to update everyone on this situation as it develops.

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