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  • Kinvar

    Uhm…I have seen a fed by this name before.

    It’s possible it is the same owner, but what bugs me is the opening date. This fed opened last year, twice. This post here says it opened last month. It’s totally possible that it is the same person, though, and the graphics are strikingly similar.

  • Benhalkum

    Probably same owner. Even if it isn’t.. is so full of stolen stuff, it would serve them right.

  • jongoodhue

    That fedwars fed would be mine. I can assure you I created all the graphics. Glad to see this new fed liked my name and theme. Hahaha, best of luck guys!

  • madmanszalinski


    What else can you say to this? For those prices, you can just buy a PS4 and create your own pro wrestling universe on WWE 2K16. Without all the hassle of other people involved in your game, too.

    No fed has EVER charged its handlers to play. EWC didn’t even charge people an entry fee into King of the Cage, where the winner received a cash prize. UTA didn’t charge people to play, and for God’s sake they had their own line of merch they were producing. CAW feds with video results don’t charge people to play, and they have video results. The same ones this guy’s trying to sell you.

    There’s a lot of broke motherfuckers in e-fedding. Their talent is all they can afford. That talent is all they should need.

    I’ll give this guy a dollar to NOT open a new fed.

    • benhalkum

      Not completely true. There HAVE been pay to play feds in the past. But for small monthly membership fees. Starting a $20,000 campaign is a bit overkill IMO. He’ll NEVER hit the goal, but the fact that he did it has to make you wonder who’s going to try next?

      • madmanszalinski

        How much did they charge, and what did they offer their members?

  • Fowler

    I want to bury this joker.

  • benhalkum

    I sent some questions off to him on his KS, asking what in the world he was thinking. Either way, he did respond back.

    James Hunt says:

    Hey Ben,

    to see you’re checking out the campaign! I don’t believe I am famous at
    all, but we did have a game at one point in the past that was great fun
    and I am looking forward to giving it another go.

    far as games that are free to play, from my experience with e-feds the
    quality is generally low and the life span is short and this is mostly
    due to the work load of the owners putting the shows together and
    running the websites. There are some very creative and fantastic writers
    in these leagues and the e-fed community in general and I would love to
    give them a solid outlet that is operated very professionally and isn’t
    going to disappear in 3 months or even a few years. There’s nothing wrong with winning a real championship belt for your efforts either.

    I hope you’ll keep an eye on the campaign and Wave 3 Wrestling in the future!


  • Fowler

    So i called him out and here is his response:

    Hey Billy,

    am in no way trying to steal money from the innocent. I’ve always had
    an inner passion for this game. When I was younger, I used to play these
    all the time, until I created my own and ran that for a few years. The
    issue has always been the internal work loads of these games and how
    over time, they basically wear the owner out and then the game closes.

    personally do not have the coding ability right now, but I am beginning
    to learn. I do have the concept and if I cannot figure it out myself,
    the money for the Kickstarter would partially be used for a developer
    and partially be used for marketing.

    there are many many free games out there. In my experience these games
    have incredibly talented writers and creative people but the overall
    quality of the game and websites themselves are of very low quality and
    as I said earlier, they usually burn out over time.

    want to create a professionally run game that isn’t going to disappear
    over time and anyone with the urge to be creative in a wrestling setting
    can go for it in a quality game where they can also be rewarded.

    I thank you for checking out the campaign and I hope you’ll keep an eye on it and Wave 3 Wrestling in the future!


  • DaveDamented

    lol well this made me laugh but I want to know how he came to the conclusion that he needed 20,000 to get it off the ground.

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