Eric Dane responds to DEFIANCE Referees walkout/demands!

The best part of it all, is that he did it from the DEFIANCE PROMO BOOTH!

After Benny Doyle’s walkout during the Main Event of DEFIANCE TV #38 and the subsequent walking out of his colleagues Mark Shields and Carla Ferrari, the DEFIANCE BAWS Eric Dane has finally given an answer to their demands in the form of a promo from DEF’s very own promo booth!

That not enough for you?

He named the referee for DEFtv39’s Ten Man Tag Team Main Event!

Watch the promo for yourself here!

Now I don’t know much, but I do know that one thing DEFIANCE does better than anyone else is Organized Chaos, so my advice to all of you mongoloids out there would be to TUNE IN TO DEFTV39!


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