How Do I Get into the PDF Archive on eWscene When I Use ProBoards v5?

I’ve been asked this question enough times I felt it would be a good idea to go ahead and post an article about it. An increasing number of eFeds are going the forum route instead of getting hosting and creating websites. One of the most popular free forum host being chosen is ProBoards, a forum software that has been around since 2000. A few months ago they released version 5 of their software.

Now, this isn’t a ProBoards hate article by no means as I know some of our Twitter followers may remember some back and forward with ProBoards.

Either way, the question at hand is how someone running ProBoards v5 can get their fed results into our PDF Archive. You may have noticed the lack of results from places like APW, BWF, CoR, EoV, IWF, EXODUS, and EWC and other feds that use ProBoards v5. This is due the subtraction of the “Print Topic” feature from ProBoards in v5.

Most forum software has an option that allows you to go into a plain text format for easier printing. When archiving the PDF results from forum based feds, I select this option. Once I do so, I copy use the “select all” to copy all of the text to Word then save as a PDF. Easy as 1.. 2.. 3 and done within a minute. I can’t do this within ProBoards v5. Yes, I have discussed this with ProBoards who seem to not understand that when I use the “Print Topic” feature it isn’t to actually print the topic. Now, without this feature to actually copy and paste the text is done manually. I would have to select each post in the result thread for the show I am archiving. I can’t just select all and paste directly as it captures the signatures and sidebars and doesn’t transition well at all to Word.

This is a tedious process to say the least for one guy to do, especially when its for no pay and there’s a lot of feds to cover. I apologize to the feds not being put in the archive due to this, and to the readers who want a PDF version of these feds shows. I just can’t dedicate the time to do all of the v5 feds.

So, with that being said here is a few ways you can get your ProBoards v5 fed, or any ProBoards v5 fed you want to see in PDF form in the archive.

  1. Follow my method for copying text from each reply in the result thread, pasting to a word document. Then send me the document to edit if needed and convert to PDF. I say edit, as in most cases I set the text to all black when feds use multiple colors that are hard to see on a white background.
    1. You can also go ahead and edit the text to be all black and save as a PDF then provide to me as well.
    2. I will need to know the fed name, show name and date it “aired.”
  2. When compiling the show, also copy it to a word document and provide as instructed above.
    1. Yes, most of these methods will require you to do some work and provide them to me.
  3. Save an all HTML version of the show.
    1. If I have the link I can archive it for you as I would any regular fed’s results.
  4. Leave ProBoards.
    1. This sounds harsh, but seriously I have heard so much negativity about the v5 software you might as well.
    2. Any free forum host other than ProBoards will word for me to use the “Print Topic” feature.
    3. Alternatively, you could use actual board software such as PHPbb, SMF, or other similar types and install them on your own hosting.
      1. We do offer 100% free hosting with auto-install options of this software right here at eWscene for feds.
      2. eWscene as well as FWrestling DOES allow hosting fed forums right on their community boards. just ask me or Chad, i’m sure we can work something out. Plus it gets you more visibility being hosted on an eW community site.
  5. Donate to eWscene.
    1. Hosting, domains, pod cast and more cost real money. I don’t mind paying this money, but donations sure would be nice!
      1. Depending on the amount, I will decide how many of the shows I’m willing to go through the process of converting to show my appreciation.

That’s it really. Mostly your best option is to just find a way to put your shows to word or a PDF and send them to me. Hopefully ProBoards eventually adds this feature back in, or maybe there is a modification for it I don’t know about? Hope this answers your questions if you were curious.

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