NBW Presents: Scorched II Live on PPV from Dubai!

PUBLISHED BY: ADRIA HOYT Dubai, UAE – The end of our eastern Summer tour is here. Live Dubai, NBW’s bringing you SCORCHED II!! With all the action you could want including the Keystone championship defended inside a Steel Cage, and both the Blitzkrieg and World Championship on the line in a […]

NBW Presents: SLAM!#94 – The Final Stop

Published by: Adria Hoyt Dubai, UAE – Our final SLAM before SCORCHED II. The stage has been set. We know who will be defending their championships and against who, however as they say… Card is Subject to Change! And word has it, that is EXACTLY what happened on SLAM. So […]

NBW Presents: SLAM#93 – A Strong Night, Indeed.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Tonight Ohiyama will take on Warren Spade for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship for the $250 thousand dollar bounty! Not only is that happening on SLAM, but it’s also kicking us off! There are of course far more to expect as we have quite the show […]

NBW Presents: SLAM! Ep 91 – Welcome to a NEW NBW

Istanbul – Well what a turn we have had folks! Just weeks past our 25 to Life event, and spirits are at an all time high! Why? Well let’s start off with the fact that we have a NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion. A seven foot monster, friendly as can […]

NBW: Post 25L: Injury Report, Unfortunate News and Rumors

Published by: Adria Hoyt Singapore – We’re headed off to our next stop, Instanbul, for SLAM! Right now though quite a few of the talent are feeling the side effects from 25 to Life. Be it the match itself or any number of matches! I’ve got the latest injury report […]

NBW Presents: 25 to LIFE on PPV!

Published by: Adria Hoyt Singapore – What a trip it has been folks! We’ve finally made it to the finish line. 25 to Life is here! And what a show we have in store for you! Not only are EACH and EVERY one of our Champions defending their respective titles, […]

NBW Presents: SLAM 79 – St. Louis, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO – The road to Legacy has begun! With our World Heavyweight Champion Lucky Carter taking on all challengers by means of his Open Challenge each and every week and event. Rumors are running wild with who will accept the challenge tonight. Could the former champion Derecho step […]

NBW Presents: NBW LIVE! #PokemonGO and Greet!

ST. LOUIS, MO – With the ‘must catch them all’ craze in full swing courtesy of PokémonGO, everyone and their neighbors are out and about trying to collect the strongest and rarest Pokémon possible. From the beaches to the forests, and everywhere foot traffic is allowed, and even places it […]