OSW: Death Wish

Old School Wrestling hit the air this past week with an amazing show in Death Wish. The Main Event saw four wrestlers fight for a single wish. Edward Newton’s destruction of Bruce Van Chan came to a head when they squared off for Showcase Championship. Could Bruce gain vengeance? And […]

OSW: Monday Night Showcase #53

Once again, Monday Night Showcase hits the airwaves with a phenomenal show for you. Smiley takes on the new Showcase Champion in a Buried Alive Main Event! Who comes out on top? More importantly, who comes out buried below? Check out the show to find out.   Showcase #53

OSW: VHS #26 – “Savages”

This week’s episode of VHS was all about Tommy Hawk and the King, Nigel Royal. With land at stake and a man pushed to the very edge, Tommy Hawk became The Savage and when that happens, people get hurt. Check out VHS #26! VHS #26

OSW: Monday Night Showcase #52

The downward spiral of Mike Lane continued with some shocking news, and then some horrible events. It would appear that Smiley is determined to ruin his life, as evidenced by the latters arrival graveside. Elsewhere, Lux Bellator begins his aforementioned Seven Seals, starting with Conquer. Does he really believe he’ll […]

OSW: VHS 25 Airs

In a show headlined by the new World Champion Tommy Hawk taking on The Scarecrow, the first Post-Pandemonium VHS was pure fire. Also on the show, Solomon Rhodes battled King Royal, Ethan Bird took on The Dead and Mother defended her Rewind Championship, yet again, this time against Alistair Huxley. […]

OSW: Sweet Dreams III

As many of you may be aware, Ring of Dreams is just a couple of months away and a staple of the event is the Sweet Dreams Match. We’ve seen a multi-competitor cage match, won by Reichous Marx at Ring Of Dreams I and at Ring Of Dreams II, Knock […]

OSW: Overkill Coming Soon

Old School Wrestling have announced that Monday Night Showcase’s first post-Pandemonium Pay Per View will be called Overkill. Taking place on May 29th, Overkill will bring you matches from all the top talent on Monday Night Showcase. Rumours have it that Mike Lane isn’t done with Smiley after the heinous […]