… The final show before High Stakes II changes everything … Warfare starts the action out of the gates with a Trios Championship defense from AX3 as they face Cadryn, Jack Cain, and Gabe Emerick! NEW FACES square off in a four corners match pitting The Engineer vs. Luigi vs. […]

XWF – Savage Saturday Night – 5/27/17

… This week, the group known as AX3 take over the show … In a triple threat showdown, Obsidian Air and Templar go toe to toe with a returning Chasm! The coveted X-Treme Championship is on the line as Dolly Waters defends against the Bearded War Pig! Dr. Louis D’Ville […]

XWF – Savage Saturday Night – 5/20/17

  … a HISTORIC episode of XWF Savage … Two newcomers do battle when Obsidian Air meets Tommy Righteous! XWF rookie Gabriel Emerick tries to take advantage of Jack Cain’s recent stumble in a match with title implications! An elimination style four corners match to determine a number on contender […]

XWF – Wednesday Warfare – 5/17/17

  … The road to High Stakes II continues … No time to blink in this high paced episode of Warfare.  The action comes faster than a virgin on prom night. Jack Cain is on a roll since he hit the ground running in XWF. He faces Cadryn Tiberius in […]

XWF – Savage Saturday Night – 5/13/2017

… On the road to High Stakes II … What will fired performer Micheal Graves do to get back on XWF television?  We find out the horrible truth tonight! Mysterious newcomer Nathan Lucas makes his debut against “The Outlaw” Brian Harris… but is everything what it seems? Who is the […]

XWF – Savage Saturday Night – 5/6/2017

… A new era for Savage Saturday Night … The GM team has shifted from the chaotic presence of Colton Kato to the business and talent-friendly minds of J.T. Washington and Dr. Milton Matthews. This week, we see debuts from new stars such as Obsidian Air as well as returns […]

XWF – Wednesday Warfare – 5/3/2017

… The XWF has a new Universal Champion after the shocking cash in by Jim Caedus on Savage… Tonight, Jim Caedus makes his first appearance as Champion, facing off against the LEGENDARY Peter Gilmour in a non-title bout. Another XWF Hall of Famer, the incomparable Barney Green, goes No Holds […]

XWF – Savage Saturday Night – 4/22/2017

…After the dust had settled from Lethal Lottery 4… Jim Caedus, the victor of the grueling tournament and now holding the precious 24/7 briefcase, must defend his Television Title against two eager opponents in Danny Imperial and Mister Tidbits.  But what happened instead? Former Universal Champion Chris Chaos has been […]