Using Resources for your EFed.

Evening, Did you know that sites like this one, EWZine, EWIllustrated, One Ring Circus, Roughkut, FWrestling, Poser Factory and others of the sort exist for you, the Efed Owners/handlers? Likewise they operate from your input and interaction. These sites are ran off paid hosting services, not free boards, free hosts, […]

Feature: Fact or Fiction #1 – The Return!

For those that remember this is a column piece (originally from EWzine/EWblog/EWSpot) with 3-6 questions/statements, in which someone on Staff provides 3 questions and a Guest provides 3 more. We then take both sets of questions and determine if it’s Fact or Fiction. (by opinion in most cases) Today’s guest: […]

The Different Faces of CAW Feds (courtesy of @MichaelParker84)

Much confusion has been going on over the difference between CAW and an efed with video results. CAW stands for Create a Wrestler and by that definition alone, we’re all CAW. But it goes much further than creating an Original character to be considered part of a CAW league. A […]

The importance of Grammar- Courtesy of CMPunk and Nerdist

This is a repost, but it is needed. Common knowledge is being forgotten, or people just have no care about the differences. Even if it does make their writing and/or tweets look childish. Educate yourself. Be Smart.   Nerdist put together these video segments with CM Punk over a year […]

The use of Twitter in E-Wrestling – Is it time to #stepfwd?

Let’s face the facts… 1. Twitter’s usage in our E-Wrestling hobby has grown over the years. Quadrupled even. 2. Regardless how often you do it, or how many of your roster members/handlers tweet about it – You will NEVER create a trending topic/hashtag based around your Fed or the hobby […]

NON-EWrestling Related – If you use TweetDeck, Read this.

By now most of you that use TweetDeck will already be aware, but in case not it would be a good idea to check this article out: I’m pointing this out after seeing several such RT’s today. Of course I use Hootsuite to manage the various Twitter accounts I […]

Calling all Fed heads!

There has been some request for the Out of Character and In Character interviews to return. Currently working to do just that, and may retool some questions. However I am looking for a few fed heads interested in shilling (or friendly advertising) their fed to potential writers and viewers. This […]

Fact or Fiction returns Monday!

Update: Unfortunately due to a timing conflict the person that was set to do this ended up having to work and decided to bail. Currently looking into alternatives. For those that remember this is a column piece with 3-6 questions/statements, in which myself or someone on Staff provides a few […]