No Showing: Internet Cowards

A lot has been spoken from the perspective of handlers in recent years, especially when it comes to asshole fed heads. Apparently, when someone does something wrong or gets fired, it’s everyone else’s fault. Most of the time, when a handler leaves a fed, it becomes the fed head who […]

WARPED: How Far We’ve Come

WARPED has grown significantly since launching in February 2010, from a small indy promotion that was lucky to get 50-100 people at each show, but it’s not been a fast growth. We’ve taken our time and worked through the growing pains, but timing is everything. For the first time in […]

There Are No True Interfeds

There is no clear-cut definition for an interfed in our hobby, and unfortunately the standard has seemed to be forgotten over the years. By today’s standards when someone thinks, “interfed” this think a site that host news and events for multiple eFeds, which occasionally have the eFeds interact. Sometimes there […]

Leaving an eFed on Good Terms

Time and time again I’ve ran into issues as a fed head of being knee deep in a story, or planning something with a character just for them start no-showing. four out of five times that same person is participating somewhere else, or leaves to do so. Doing this may […]

Side by Side: Mike Polowy

I had a few days off and come back to find Ben has interview Mike Polowy. I love Ben’s interviews, as does everyone. But was a bit confused why Mike got a second interview. Ben broke it down that the first Polowy interview happened when he was running the eWrestling […]

An Inside Look At Armbar Error Society

Since 2011, Armbar Error Society has been streaming eWrestling shows created in various videogames. From the early days of the WWF No Mercy eFed WWA to the now, AES serves up a heaping helping of content week in and week out. Now, there have been a few questions about AES […]

Forgotten Interview Points

Hey there Daddy-Os and Slick Chicks, You know, I’ve grown quite a steady little fan basis with these articles that I have written. I’ve had fellow ewrestling patrons respond with enthusiastic rebuttals to my sometimes overly strong opinionated columns, and equally so, I have received flaming hate mail, sent with […]

Is eWrestling A Drug?

// Originally posted on The E-Wrestling Zone in 2001 // When I first came into the “game” nearly three years ago, (And I had to walk to school barefoot in the snow, uphill, both ways) I really didn’t even want to be here. I was more of a theme trader, […]

Dirty Fedhead Secrets

Oh boy, here it comes… So you found a great new ewrestling federation, eh? Yeah sure, it has a pretty logo, a healthy sized roster, and a president who’s looking forward to making this groovin’ new creation a major league contender. Heck, let’s even say that this proposed new organization […]

Do You Get The Point?

// Originally posted on The E-Wrestling Zone in 2001 // “I don’t think people get it,” an ewrestling chum told me one day not long ago. “Yeah, agreed,” I said in response. Now before the unraveling of what this coded dialogue above is referring to, common sense dictates that I […]