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Some Late Night Confessions

I remember it clearly, it was the middle of November in 1996 when I discovered eWrestling with my high school best friend. We were searching for wrestling websites, and found wrestling simulators. We thought this was the coolest thing ever, we could take real life wrestlers and create our own shows, then we could make up our own characters and have them face Stone Cold, have them face The Rock....


Without Efeds, there is No Hobby

This was originally posted on the EWZine forums, and reposted to EWNexus and the eW Blog with permission. It is a very good article written by Dean Mason who runs the IWF. I read today someone say that e-fed owners doing their “job”, posting good results on time, catering to their roster and helping them enjoy themselves weren’t actually helping the hobby. I had to sit back and think about...


Setting the Mood

Here it is, 3am on a Sunday morning and I am writing matches for my fed’s show that happens on Wednesday. I actually feel pretty good as I am on match three of five. The way I write, is I’ll do as much of the matches as possible early, until the deadline hits, and then tack on endings. It may not be what works for everyone, but it works for...


Travis Beaven Column from ’02

I’ve never understood the phrase, “Life sucks and then you die.” The actual meaning of the phrase seems pointless. Life sucks. Okay, well, sure. Then you die. Well, no argument there. So what is the point? Yes, I do understand the intent. It’s meant to be flippant and thus trendy and hip. This is what the 90′s have brought us. Meaningless phrases designed to underscore how little we care about...

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