EWZine Frontpage Changes and Information

No doubt when you re-entered EWZine.com in the past month a few things seemed different. EWZine is looking to continue the progress and structure that was set with EWScene. This means having BOTH In Character fed related News/Rumors/Results, and Out of Character Interviews/Columns. The Frontpage has been restructured for this […]

Thank You

In 2007, I decided to open up EWZine as an eWrestling resource and community site. After being in the hobby since 1996, I wanted to give back. It felt great to by offering people a place to hang out, reviews, interviews and more. In 2011, I stepped down as the […]

The Importance of Deadlines and Meeting Them.

Fantasy wrestling is a creative output for those that both enjoy writing and enjoy professional wrestling. The fundamental basics of fantasy wrestling are pretty universal across all types of eFeds. One person, or a group of people, decide they would like to run a fantasy wrestling promotion. This is the […]

The Art of the Promo is Dead

The wrestling business used to flourish and that is because more wrestlers and promoters alike understood how the business worked. It’s not how it used to be because in this day and age? Every wrestler and promoter damn near encourages the likes of the burial and it has ruined the […]

Is consistency underrated?

Today I was putting out my e-feds 110th edition of Warzone and a thought popped into my head. It’s not often that I consider it, but the steady flow of roleplays, on time or early shows and updates that continue weekly are something quite special. I think when most people […]

The Types of eFed Quitters: Part II

A while back I wrote The Types of eFed Quitters and got quite a good response from it. Since then, I have come across new types, and figured why not do a follow up article? People quitting eFeds is something every fed head has to handle at one point or […]

The Types of eFed Quitters

*Originally written in July of 2013, I am re-posting this as a follow up article is coming.* I was looking around varies eWrestling sites today, just trying to catch up on some places I used to visit on a regular basis when I cam across a forum post with the […]

WARNING: Misinformation Spreading

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that Josh Eshleman who runs http://www.wwxonline.com is spreading false information about Valor Championship Wrestling which is hosted on the eWscene servers. Josh is attempting to claim copyright over the eWrestling management script used to power both the WWX and VCW, as well […]

Focus on What Matters: An Opinion Piece

*For the love of all that is holy, this is a very opinionated opinion piece. please quit reading now if you are someone who gets their panties in a wad when I do these. Thanks* I get a lot of slack from people who tend to say that my very […]

Five Ways to Strengthen Your OOC Community

This column was originally written by an anonymous source on The eFed Truth, which no longer seems to be active. It is here for archival purposes. ———— In this blog, I’ll be discussing five ways a fed can strengthen their communities among themselves. Simple, yes? Let’s get started. Method One: […]