Match Writing Feds: Why Aren’t There More of These?

This column first appeared 10/21/13 on If you enjoy this column, you can find more like it at ——————— Happy Halloween everyone! I’m back in the fold after a brief delay caused by a fried computer monitor that necessitated a replacement. But, there are no more hitches and […]

Kayfabe & Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s no secret, eWscene utilizes social media as much as possible to keep our viewers informed about what we do, as well as promote the hell out of eFeds and characters. Over the last few weeks we have been watching eWrestling Twitter accounts from both eFeds and handlers. In this […]

Behind The SuperBeast: Pt 4 – Goodbye?

Pt 1: http:///archives/4813 Pt 2: http:///archives/7090 Pt 3: http:///archives/7782 The last time I clicked on the word icon and began to peck away at the keys was the same day part 3 of this series went up. Over at on their 80th iteration of iNtense, the decision finally became […]

Have Fun Running a Successful Fed in 3 Easy Steps

I recently was chatting with a buddy about eWrestling. I was trying to get him to write a column, well, because he has an unique perspective on eWrestling in general and has a ton of experience. Being a fed head or high up in the inter-fed community for the better […]

“Dead Horse Fed” – The Wacky World of e-Wrestling #1

So, I’ll just make this brief and to the point for an introduction. I’m James, and this is my column called “The Wacky World of e-Wrestling.” It’s going to point out to you, the handler or reader, the rights and the completely wrongs of the e-wrestling scene at large. And […]

So You Want To Be Unique?

So you’re opening a new e-federation. You’re researching and asking around for ideas for how you can make your new e-fed stand out and be the next new innovation in the game. You want to be unique. Can I be perfectly honest? “Unique” is overrated. No, really. It is. Too […]

Behind The SuperBeast pt.3

Pt 1: http:///archives/4813 Pt 2: http:///archives/7090   As I said in Pt. 2 neither Dan nor myself would know the fall out of what would happen when we tried to build an angle that would propel someone to the main event in LoC. We started what’s now referred to as […]

[Videos] Grammar Slam

Seriously, these are major issues in eWrestling writing today. Watch the video and learn kiddies. Also, who doesn’t like CM Punk?